Pyramid – Charice ft. Iyaz (Review)

What’s the least thing you can expect from a Filipina singer-slash-YouTube singer who keeps on belting out ballads on her live performances? Pyramid. The single reminds us that Charice Pempengco is not just someone who’s exclusive to ballads and would forever sound Filipino. Pyramid is the new single of YouTube sensation and David Foster’s anointed child, Charice Pempengco. Different from her debut single Note to God, Pyramid shows a more current vibe that’s ear-friendly and something you can hear off the radio

In this single, Charice collaborates with Replay singer/rapper Iyaz who, in the contrary, does not sound annoying but on the other hand, helps the song sound more hip and fresh. Their voices surprisingly blend (maybe because of the heavy editing it has, but that’s another matter).  The chorus is just so cool. The verses are great, and the bridge is where they just blend and flow and that’s good.

The only thing that helped them ,which is very disappointing, is the heavy usage of Auto-tune. As someone who has heard of countless Charice YouTube videos and live performances, I can say that her voice was seriously edited. You can barely recognize her in this song. Her thick voice was somewhat changed into that thin voice that best suits song. Compare it to JoJo and there’s a resemblance. What’s more surprising here is Iyaz sounds less like a Virgin Islander here. Heavy editing there.

Despite those editings, the song’s still a great song. I’d surely give credit to the one who wrote this song. Because of this song I’m saying something positive about Charice and Iyaz.

Rating: B+


8 thoughts on “Pyramid – Charice ft. Iyaz (Review)

  1. Joy says:

    I don’t think auto-tune could alter how thick or thin a voice is. That is purely Charice, suiting her voice to the material at hand. I am a charice fan, and I’ve been listening to her voice recorded and live. She just has this voice which is very pliable and could take on any genre. Now “Pyramid” is a pop song, with notes that are high and not a diva song so she adjusted to that. Charice can and also sings soft and not just thick – example on this vid:
    Also check out some song on her albu “My Inspiration” not all thick voiced:

  2. crabzkiller says:

    Auto-tune maybe for effects as most hip hop, r&b, pop songs use that these days as in ex. Kanye West. But I don’t think to change a thick voice to a thin one, I think that’s up to the singer to do that. And Charice certainly doesn’t need pitch correction as she is pitch perfect (even David Foster would attest to that). You could see Charice in this video – CBS special about David Foster – at exactly 8:23 point. Surprise! Yeah she’s recording “Pyramid” with David Foster:

  3. Is it too early to call Pyramid a flop? Its Amazon ranking has dropped tremendously. With no help from Oprah, Charice’s single seems to have little to no steam to propel it.

  4. SW says:

    I agree. There’s no doubt Charice sings well, but her voice was definitely autotuned in this song.
    [C’mon fans, there’s no need to get defensive. If you’re really a fan of Charice, then you should notice the change] All in all, it’s a great song. The lyrics are not annoying, and her venturing into RnB is a way for other people to appreciate her singing.

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