Leader, Member, Teamwork

The key in opening the locked room of success is teamwork. However, if the problem’s with the colleagues, damage is doubled.

When we’re with teams, there should be cooperation and trust between all the members. The bigger the team, the harder. That is why we there is a dire need of someone to lead and organize. Someone should step up and fix things. There is a need of a leader.

What’s most painful is that the leader is the only doing all the job. Where’s the sense of cooperation? That’s hard. Members let their leader do all the job since they know the leader is the hard working one, the brave soul. My god. That’s why people are being inconsiderate sometimes.

You believe that a single person can easily manage to do things alone?! The hell! That’s why you’re grouped together so the job can be carried. That’s why it’s called a GROUP work, not an INDIVIDUAL work. Okay, let’s take into consideration that you now know that it’s an activity suited for Groups. What should you do? If you don’t know that answer, then go hang yourself. Of course you do your job as a member! Ask what you should do! Be productive! Be USEFUL.

You let someone do all the goddamn work and you just sit there and slack yourself out and just ask ‘what now?’ My god! You aren’t even contributing and you’re also the one complaining. That is just some serious Bullshit. You let someone stay awake until 4 AM and you just sleep on 9 PM not worrying about a thing. Do you even have minds?! MY GOD!

Someone cries, worrying what feedback he’d be getting from everyone. How he FAILED to do the tasks, how he’d be blamed for everything by his colleagues, supervisors, teachers, bosses. Why did he cry? Because of his colleagues’ selfishness and inconsiderateness.

A leader can’t do things if his members don’t do their duties as well. My god! What’s most bullshit about this is that they blame a single person because of the group’s failure. REMEMBER! You’re in a group. You’re ALL responsible. Ask yourself, ‘What have you done?’ and if you really did something. Ask this again ‘was it enough?’

Think about it. There’s a reason why it’s meant to be for a group. It’d be easier that way and it requires a lot of manpower and some human brains.


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