Lady Gaga – Telephone (Music Video)

After months of waiting, Lady Gaga’s brand new music video Telephone hits music channels and the internet! Lady Gaga is known to have very diverse, sophisticated and unique music videos ever since her Paparazzi video came out.

Speaking of Paparazzi, Telephone is the continuation of it.

Plot: Gaga’s sent to a prison for bitches after killing her boyfriend. Guards strip her off and is left in the cell. “I told you she didn’t have a dick.” Wearing cigarette glasses, she engages in a somewhat gross lesbian kiss with a fellow prisoner. She gets a phone call and that’s where the song starts. She gets bailed out and say hello to: BEYONCE! This MTV features a different kind of Beyonce. She’s a much much crazier person here. If Gaga was on Beyonce’s Lair during Video Phone, now Beyonce’s on Gaga’s Haus. They set off to some Diner riding Kill Bill’s Pussy Wagon. The duo basically kills everyone and police are hunting them. However, Honey B and Lady G are off to somewhere else, most probably Mexico since the third single is Alejandro (Congrats Jio! You’re right!).

Thoughts? Because of the video being postponed many times, people may view the video as decent/mediocre in terms of Gaga – considering the fact that everyone is expecting things to be grand and classic. I, being the considerate one, thinks this is one of the best Music videos of all time. Gaga never fails to impress us. Of course, the diverse outfits can never be gone. From large hats to plain cloth, every outfit just fit them both. Beyonce definitely showed a crazy side which I also loved. The comedy in it was a fresh sight – namely the ‘let’s-make-a-sandwich’ part and the funny gestures (e.g. The Okay Grin). They should definitely get Gaga a movie and have her as lead. I certainly can’t wait for the third part.Video in Eins.. Zwei.. Drei..


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