The Church and its Beliefs

As someone who was never on a non-Catholic school, I have been lectured by this and that – saying that abortion is wrong or being homosexual was wrong and it’s wrong to contradict the Church and its teachings. However, Social Studies and Values weren’t totally gone from my system and I learned to become realistic – accepting reality and to learn how to bend the rules sometimes.

Currently, in the country where I’m living at, the Philippines, there is this large fuss regarding the passing of the controversial RH Bill no. 5043 which contains the treatment of women who have undergone abortion and are experiencing post-abortion complications – which of course has been understood as the promotion of abortion. Considering how this bill goes, the Church is of course against this.

I don’t get why. The Philippines has a number of couples who are bombarded with 10 – 20 children. Why? Because of their endless sex.  It’s reality. Face it. Teenagers engage in sexual activities as soon as they reach high school. There’s the possibility of being pregnant and it may contribute to unplanned commitments which of course wouldn’t work. Would you also rather see your kids go hungry and despair a whole lot because you can’t abort it since it’s bad. Face it. It’s much much more painful seeing them in despair and we know we can’t do anything about it.

Contraceptives. What’s wrong with them? Thank the people who made this kind of thing. The Church clearly detests these stuffs. Is this considered a promotion of people to engage in Pre-marital sex? On one point, maybe yes.  However, it’s not like when you can stop the production of these contraceptives and the effect would be like everyone’s just gonna stop on engaging in PMS. Because PMS is inevitable to the society today since it’s really prevalent and it’s already impossible to prevent it. It’s also a good thing since it limits the chances of having those Sexually Transmited Diseases (STD’s)

Same-sex marriage. For me, matrimony’s just like some contracted union or some sort. Well, as long as you’re happy then go for it. Who are we to hinder you from your happiness? As the protesters say, it’s not a privilege, it’s a right.  We certainly don’t have the right to say to you that it’s horribly wrong since you’re damned to hell for life because of what you did.  Man and woman are for each other to procreate? Sterility! Infertility! They exist.

This is one main reason why I don’t like the Church meddling with the decisions of this country – most especially in the field of politics. They go on with their morality shiz. They should put reality into consideration. Most of their teachings are becoming too cliched. We really need to set them aside even just once and go on.

Note: You’re reading a writeup from a realist. Somewhat a non-believer. =))


5 thoughts on “The Church and its Beliefs

    • Sorry to contradict your Catholic Beliefs, I’m just not a fan. Treat me like someone who’s like a Martin Luther, but not on the same level. Maybe lower than him. Haha. Besides, I’m being realistic here. Study about MORALITY? HAHA. How about you study REALITY and see if what they’re suggesting can be of the very best.

  1. godfree says:

    Welcome to the culture war ( Of course, you’ve already in it now. IMO, the Church keeps on complaining yet, they don’t even give alternatives to lessen the cases of AIDS and teenage pregnancy. They keep on saying, “Loyalty to one’s spouse” and “abstinence” is the solution but it’s not enough. Do they even think most Filipinos would do that? Of course not, because most Filipinos don’t have discipline. Anyway, this issue on the RH bill is endless.

    On same-sex marriage, the problem is that if society is ready for it. Plus, homosexuals had been stereotyped which is very subjective.

    And with the regards to the Church and politics, it’s an endless battle too.

    BTW, read this interesting (well, old, since this was published in 2008) article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. (

    I guess you have to realize that our Filipino culture has very subjective point on view on life.

    • Yeah, I do know that the Filipinos are very subjective and it can lead to their ignorance as well. I love the article you just gave me. I’m just trying to point out here that we need to face reality. Surely, these teachings of theirs won’t be planted into the people’s minds. :))

  2. klycc says:

    Being in a Christian family and as a Christian, (yeah, I’m not a Catholic, welcome to the minority.), my entire family supports this RH bill.


    First of all, I agree with you, Aid. It’s reality.]

    The only option and alternative that the Catholic Church is currently advocating is family planning.

    With about 90M Filipinos living here, how are they going to educate EACH and EVERY Filipino?

    Man, they’re too unrealistic. They keep on saying that abstaining from intercourse before marriage is the best option. I wonder if they do realize a facade of life is sex.

    With all the sex scandals popping all over the place concerning priests here and abroad, I wonder who is really the righteous one now.

    Pro-RH bill supporters, let’s go!

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