A Valentine Post.

What’s with Valentines Day that makes everyone all over the world, regardless of religion or sexual orientation, euphoric? V-Day is the day of dates, kisses, and hugs. Valentines is the day of love.

Honestly, for me, V-Day’s nothing really special. It’s just another normal day. It’s not worth celebrated. We love those people every day, every hour, every minute, every second. There are monthsaries and anniversaries. Why bother celebrating?  I guess, it’s just different for those people. People with commitments and bounded by their relationships. How would I relate? I’m single – free of commitments and contracts of love.

Valentines is just one of those special days where we give love – similar to Christmas. Perhaps, Valentines was purposely created for couples. It’s like rekindling their old flames back when they first met. Maybe, it’s the day when each couple can reminisce what memorable romantic thing they did during the day of love. As you all know, couples develop their problems as time passes by. Examples of such are those ‘cool-off’ moments and the popular divorce & annulment scenes. So maybe that’s why V-Day was created.

Well, currently, all the single ladies and all the single guys popularized the so-called “Single Awareness Day”  as a term for Valentines. Funny, actually. Single people shouldn’t fret anyway. Who said Valentines was for couples solely? It’s also a good time for friendships and some bondings. Well yeah, it’s still love, anyhow.

It’s the day for telling someone that he/she’s special to our life. As my Valentines gift to you all, I’ll share to you some Sweet yet SUPER cheesy lines. It’s even cheesiest when it’s on the vernacular language – Tagalog. :))

“Posporo ka ba? E di posporo rin ako parang match”

” Papicture nga para mapadevelop kita”

“Unggoy ka ba? kasi sumasabit ka sa puso ko”

“Drugs ka ba? Kakaadik ka naman kasi”

“Papupulis kita, kasi ninakaw mo ang puso ko”

Why should we celebrate Valentines day? It’s to remind ourselves that we love our peeps much. Because if this were any other normal day, we wouldn’t have had the time to say the words ‘i love you’ to them.

So to you reader of this blog,

Happy Valentines! I love you :-*

-aid. :))


One thought on “A Valentine Post.

  1. I’m gonna use the quotation I posted on my blog:

    “Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.”
    – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Now, insert the word “single” right after the word “make”. I believe it’s true.

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