Taylor Swift DOES NOT Deserve a Grammy

Taylor Swift was one of the queens of the night as she won 4 Grammy’s on the recently concluded 52nd Grammy Awards. The question is now this. Does she really deserve all those 4 awards (including the broken one)?

Swift won Best Country Album, Best Female Country Vocal Performance,  Best Country Song and the top prize of the night – Album of the Year. As she was up against tough and MORE DESERVING competitors, she proved to be triumphant in her nominations. Did she really deserve all those awards – let alone nominations? The quick reply is NO.

Let’s start off with Best Female Country Vocal Performance. First of all, Taylor Swift is just one of those teenyboppers who can’t sing; thus, she associates herself with the country genre even though she doesn’t sound that country at all. She’s merely a teenybopper who sings country songs. This award had her up against Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and the 3-time consecutive winner, Ms. Carrie Underwood. Those 3 deserve the award more than she did. I couldn’t even listen to White Horse without covering my ears because of that annoying voice. Carrie’s Just a Dream was in fact better. Maybe yet, Any Country Song > White Horse. Horse wasn’t that impressive.

Best Country Song goes to… Taylor Swift’s White Horse. WHAT? Lady Antebellum had that award written all over. As I said, White Horse isn’t worth any award.

Best Country Album goes to.. Taylor Swift’s Fearless. BOO. The tracks are unbearable to listen. Too much melodrama. Can’t you have anything else? Besides, the country’s not really that country compared to the others. It’s too poppy.

Surprise, Surprise! Album of the Year goes to Taylor Swift’s Fearless once again! WHAT?! This is surely the BIGGEST disappointment of the evening.  I was expecting the guys who scored a US No. 1 to bag the award. Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Gaga. B.E.P. may have had abused the auto-tune system, but their infectious tunes, including Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling, surely can’t be denied.  Beyonce’s I Am… Sasha Fierce was surely awesome. Having spawned awesome ballads and hooky dance songs which produced a number of parodies on YouTube, who wouldn’t expect this to win? Lastly and surely not the least, Gaga who,with her album, has changed the face of pop music and raised the bar to a whole new level. With hits like Just Dance and Poker Face which got the whole world dance and see that Gaga is a force to be reckoned with, who wouldn’t believe that this one lost? She converted haters into fans, brought metal lovers into her zone and prove to be versatile in her performances like the notable ballad Brown Eyes. Why did The Fame lose to some teenybop Fearless?

The only answer on as to why she won was because of the judges’ sympathy. Why? They thought the Kanye thing during the MTV VMAs was so dramatic and so sad for her and they felt awful for the poor girl. Because of that incident that caused so much buzz from the media, many became fans of Taylor and haters of Kanye. The judges thought it would make her happy if she won such award considering the Grammy’s stature in the music industry. This just proves that the Grammy’s isn’t that credible any more. To think that the judges were supposed to be people who had brains [well excluding you Randy J who asked the eople on Twitter because you can’t think]

Glad you broke that Gramophone trophy, Taylor. That just shows that even fate thinks you’re undeserving of your award.

Where’s Kanye when you needed him?


5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift DOES NOT Deserve a Grammy

  1. AWESOMNESS says:

    Lady Gaga deserved album of the year obviously. Beyonce would have came in second since the Black Eyed Peas “abused” Perez Hilton (a critic) but Beyonce was said to deserve it more than Taylor Swift as shouted by Kanye, I agree. But the grammy judges felt her (Taylor’s) story was “the scoop” and decided to get attention (which they didn’t get) by throwing darts at pictures to decide the highest award music can offer “Album of THE YEAR!” Lets see who got robbed and who got pampered..

    Taylor wrote an album (hurray) with one fair song “Love Story” and got attention by creating the most annoying song of the year “You Belong With Me”. I think four grammy awards is pampering if your just talking about music and not backround.

    BEP wrote an album and a secondary album The Energy Never Dies+A Number of Bonus Songs. They made people dance to the annoying but awesome party song “Boom Boom Pow” but “I Gotta Feelin'” was grammy material. ROBBED NO ALBUM OF THE YEAR. “Imma Be” “Meet Me Halfway” come on that was rigged.

    Beyonce wrote a masterpiece and “Single Ladies” was triumphant. “If I were A Boy” again was triumphant. “Diva” again declared triumphant. “Video Phone ft Lady Gaga” amazing…. DO you see? Beyonce…. ROBBED, and again ROBBED, again ROBBED…. ummmm ROBBED.

    Lady Gaga wrote two albums let me list all of the hits “Just Dance” “Pokerface” “Lovegame” “Beautiful Dirty Rich” “Paparazzi” “Bad Romance” “Telephone” Who deserved this award the most… Taylor Swift says the grammy judges…. ugh. “Brown Eyes” “Speechless” “Eh Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say” “Summer Boy” those were all commented on as noteworthy….ROBBED and HUMILIATED

  2. AWESOMNESS says:

    btw notice how no one really featured the “great” Taylor Swift with their songs. The only song that featured Taylor was “Two Is Better Than One” by Boys Like Girls, the song failed.

  3. faz chan says:

    the only award TAYWHORE SHIT deserves is, -WORST COVER GIRL OF 2010! haha! she’s fucking ugly. and everything about her is simply, ANNOYING.

  4. Patrick says:

    It means that ….. now, Grammy award is someting not for talented people anymore. Grammy = popularity . NOT grammy = talent anymore. Since it’s how it’s happening, if i am Celine Dion, Whitney Houston or Beyonce and i win another grammy award agian, i would kill myself right away. i mean it.

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