Plasticity & Favoritism

It’s not like the world is fair. It’s unfair. There are just people who are favored because of the plasticity they bring to the society. The way they manipulate and fool everyone – thinking that they’re good-natured people when in fact it’s merely an act so they’d be able to get all the things that they want.

The thing that annoys me the most is when people don’t stay true to themselves and pretend to be someone they’re actually not. I’m not saying that one’s true self is the bitchy thing. It’s not it. If you’re really doing something good, then sound like you’re actually doing it and not sound pretentious and that fake oh-so chivalric thing is so obvious.

It doesn’t mean that if a guy bags a handful of  awards and has a convincing accent, he’s already the greatest thing that ever happened. There are surely better people out there who may not be a jack of all trades, but surely mastered that particular field.

It’s not actually envy that hits me. It’s just that the world is getting more and more unfair in my perspective. Everyone’s looking for an opening. Everyone’s hoping for an opportunity. Everyone’s striving hard to earn those. It’s just that the favoritism issue ensues and prevails over justice.

Well, that’s life. We struggle. We meet plastics. We encounter favoritism. That’s it. Disappointing, yet real.


One thought on “Plasticity & Favoritism

  1. godfree says:

    You have to realize that reality is a “dog-eat-dog” world out there. In Charles Darwin’s saying, “Survival of the fittest”, don’t expect that everybody will be given a fair treatment. Besides, if you’re too idealistic, you realize that you’re never going to survive once you really on your own now.

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