What I’ve Missed Out.

I define myself as someone who’s negative in every way. A pessimist to be exact. I am the one who sees no hope in this world. I am the one who thinks everything would certainly not work out right. I am the one who says a lot of not’s. Somehow, I missed something out.

One night, I clicked this link on tumblr. It’s like one of those websites where people share their experiences. There’s FML and MLIA. This one was different. This showed a positive disposition in life. Judging by the website name/title, this one really gave me hope.

Here’s a sample of those love stories in LGMH.

“My grandpa passed away on April 2nd 2009 Before my grandpa passed he pulled his oxygen mask off his face and lifted his hand up to his mouth. We thought he was going through pain. But instead he blew 3 kisses to my grandma, smiled, and passed away. RIP Grandpa i love you and You GMH.”

As I read the stories, I was able to say that there really is hope in this world and that love is truly the greatest force in the universe whether you believe in a deity or not. LGMH features stories about love and how it gave hope to everyone. There are stories that would make you go “awww” and some :”>.

Such romantic stories of sacrificial and selfless love would surely make us think that “there really is hope in this world” and leave us pondering if we would ever find someone who’s as romantic as the persons featured in the stories. If there are people like that, then what are the odds of finding those kinds of people? Were we just blind not noticing them, perhaps? Well, we may not find those persons, but we could be those persons.

Maybe, if people would just be more romantic and selfless, then this world would prosper and we’d all be living happily.

Despite what’s happening to the world, how it’s being wrecked into ashes or experiencing global economic recession,  there’s still that powerful thing that would always prevail and would give us hope — LOVE.

Your Love, Gives Me Hope.



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