Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up – Worst Edition EVER.

As a PBB fanatic, I have followed every single edition and this edition is simply, the WORST of the series.

The problem with Philippine Television is that it tends to abuse something too much. This season is just the most pathetic thing that ever happened on National Television. Considering the high ratings of this show, they have extended the “planned” 100 days to something more. Well, that’s tradition, but WTH?

These housemates clearly joined this pathetic reality show because they want to become actors/something famous.  They really don’t know how manipulative the show’s producers are.

They also featured more housemates who are not even worth watching to. MELASON. The loveteam that’s been grabbing every single scene in that show. Excuse me ABS-CBN, but you still have other housemates. Why focus on that bullshit teamup when you have other housemates that badly need publicity. Imagine how large the fanbase of this loveteam is due to their neverending appearance on PrimeTime television. Most viewers don’t have 24/7 and rely only on PrimeTime for the updates. What’s sad is that PrimeTime just focuses on this bullshit teamup. Imagine how the eliminated housemates’ fanbase could have grown if they were only given the right amount of screentime and were not deprived of their deserved screentime.

What’s with the MELASON that makes the people love them? Seriously enough, Jason was just dragged of Melisa’s stupidity. Jason merely rode the bandwagon so people would love him. Melisa’s overacting-ness is merely an act. Her English thing is also an act. She’s an English Major and she’s gonna be a teacher sooner enough. Would she exhibit that kind of enunciation to the students? MY GOD. I pity the kids. It’s like the story of BEAUTY and the BEAST. The male being the former and the female being the latter.

They’re worthless. All they do is just yell and yell and do some pinching and stuff. They don’t really contribute a lot to what’s happening in their house. They’re too busy in their own world.

I appreciate the housemates’ competitiveness, but their plasticity? NO. Yeah, Paul Jake and Jason claim they’re the best of friends, yet they secretly wish the other out. What kind of friend is that? Seriously. That’s just pathetic.

Another thing is how people treat the money as if it’s the only thing being focused in this contest. The money is a prize. It’s not the basis of this competition. Who cares if a contestant is rich? If he showed good qualities like being a leader and be the only person left who actually has brains then let him win.  Why should you let someone who’s annoying as hell, but poor, win? Why base money? It’s not the only thing the competition revolves. You don’t get the prize out of sympathy and need. You get it because you deserve it.

Too much drama that it’s becoming scripted already. Damn. This is how Philippine Reality Shows work and we better get used to it.


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