They only wanna use us.

There are times when we, as persons, are not fully embraced and loved. There are times when we are only loved just because of what we have and what we can do, not as individuals. Being treated as trophy kids/students is no big joke, it hurts than what you think.

Let’s face it. We all want to win. We all want to claim the victor and achieve the very-coveted “fame” and elite status. That is why we put all our efforts into it. Practice and practice. Intense training ensues. Then the big day comes. You win! But you don’t actually get all the attention. Some other guy gets the bigger attention and claims all the glory to himself. That’s just annoying. We’re the ones working hard and someone else just gets the publicity and honor.

The people that use us know our potentials. They know what we can do. They know what we are capable of doing. Thus, they do whatever they can do to train us to win, and when we win, they claim all the glory right away. Of course we just say yes to their special pleadings. Why? Because we are blinded into thinking that we’d be receiving all these wonderful gifts and freebies. But no, we’re just being fooled.

Having said yes to these commitments would mean sacrifices to all the daily pleasures we’re having. That includes the glory of youth days and endless fun with friends. Those would be stripped off from us and the events that are worth attending to for the memories would surely be missed and that hurts even more than losing to some contest. That’s the sad part.

When we’re done being used, they’re just gonna throw us away like some worn-out doll who’s been used by the former 7 year-old-kid-turned-teenage-slut. What’s up with that?

There’s also the part when we say no. They don’t listen to us. They WON’T. Why? Because they know what we can do and they wouldn’t allow someone like to us to escape from their bare hands, right? When we actually learn how to pursue our NO’s, and actually let that come into their faces on the very last minute, they immediately freak out and put the blame on us. Why? It’s not like we didn’t tell them long before.

Sometimes, they even fabricate stories and lies just to put the blame on us and bring us down, down and doooown even mooore. That just comes to show that they want us to regret and think that we had the wrong choice, but they’re wrong. It’s not a mistake to pursue one’s happiness over something that doesn’t even make us happy and benefits us less than what we expect.

Lessons learned? Don’t allow yourself to be somebody’s pawn. You deserve more than what your “master” gives. Also, never be afraid to pursue your happiness. We better enjoy this one-shot thing we call “life.”

One thought on “They only wanna use us.

  1. cayy says:

    aawe. i totally agree!!! :)) never let ”anyone” – whoever he or she is – grab your life away from you. the saddest part of life is when you realize that you’ve been too used up that you’ve already missed so much of your life. you may have one moment of glory but you’ll never be satisfied. do your responsibilities while enjoying every little thing in this world – that’s the secret to happiness! :))

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