Why Do I LOVE Glee!?

Is it because of its musicality and its choice of songs to record? Is it because of its actors that perfectly fit their roles? Is it because of its high-school themes and choice of plots? No. It’s EVERYTHING about it.

Glee starts off with a reformed club after Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) had the former glee coach kicked off due to her alleged harassment with one of the members. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a former Glee Club member, wishes to take over the club and wants it to go back to its haywire days where they were famous everywhere they go and they keep winning.

Will was able to recruit 6 kids. Rachel, Mercedes (Amber Riley), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Artie (Kevin McHale) and Finn (Cory Monteith). Despite being criticized by various “popular kids,” they are being joined by these popular kids. 3 from the Cheerios and 3 from the football team. This just comes to show that inside every “popular” kid from the school stereotype has a side inside them that just wants to express themselves, but are ashamed to do so.

Glee is all about expressing yourself, staying true to yourself and be able to love it. Best exemplified by Kurt, he was able to admit that he was gay and his friends, including his father, was able to accept it. Another example was that of a Cheerio member-turned-Glee member named Santana. She admitted that she loved Glee and it was the best part of her day. Who wouldn’t love Glee? It’s like this group of misfits struggling to be accepted by the school society. The theme where the majority can really relate.

Ryan Murphy (Glee’s producer) definitely chose awesome songs for the stars to sing. Their Don’t Stop Believin had sold a million copies. Some of their song renditions have been well-received by the public. Somebody to Love is an awesome Queen cover that shows Mercedes’s ability to reach that high note and knowing how difficult that song is, New Directions make it sound so easy. Don’t Rain on My Parade shows the awesomeness within Rachel (Lea) that would just remove your hatred towards her ambitious attitude. Defying Gravity shows Kurt’s high pitched tone. Sweet Caroline shows the swoony Puck that would have you head over heels over him. True Colors shows the tenderness of Tina’s voice. Dancing With Myself is a punk rock song turned acoustic hit by Artie. I Say a Little Prayer (For You) shows off Quinn’s retro voice, something 80’s like. There are more songs that would truly make you sing and you’d truly be in awe of Glee’s renditions.

Glee also has excellent talented stars who portray their characters in a way you couldn’t even think of anything better. They also have awesome singing talents. To name a few, there’s Lea Michele who was on Broadway’s Spring Awakening. Kevin McHale, a former boyband member who controls the wheelchair like a pro. Kurt Hummel, who plays the gay fashionista that can hit an F5 which makes us love him even more. Jane Lynch, who portrays the film’s villain in an excellent way. Glee has also cast some awesome guest stars. One of them is Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth who gave the show some stimulants with her awesome chops.

What I also love about Glee is that the members of this club have some sort of unique bond within them. Despite numerous conflicts like the paternity of Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) baby, they still seem to have this special bond which they don’t take it to the level where the future of the group is at stake. Another example of which is Quinn’s pregnancy. Although she was kicked out by her cheerleading group, she was still accepted by Glee.

Glee is also what we consider as an underdog in society. Why? It’s still struggling for victory and people constantly make fun of Glee saying that its called “No Directions” instead of the original group name “New Directions.” With constant slushies and vandals on their yearbook photos, who wouldn’t say Glee’s not a group of bullied people whom people think have no career and future ahead of them? Together with the villainous Sue Sylvester (played by the magnificent Jane Lynch), Glee is struggling to come out on top of the school thus playing the role of an underdog which everyone would truly be shocked once they come out on top; in addition to that, is their group being vocally and performance inferior to the rival group “Vocal Adrenaline.” The reason why the underdog thing is what I love the most is because I too am an underdog. Perhaps, everyone of us is an underdog in unfamiliar fields and in fields which we know might have more people who are better than us.

There’s definitely a lot more inside Glee. Searching for love that can never be, Deception for our selfishness, Hoping for acceptance and choosing the right decisions in life. What we see in Glee may perhaps be a reflection of what we are facing in our everyday lives.

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