Politicians and Their Advertisements

So.. Voters don’t have that much of a choice with regards to the one they pick during the Presidential elections.
Some, if not all, candidates just proved how UNWORTHY they are of becoming President or any high position in the government. They keep showing these advertisements saying this and that. Gawd. Do they really have to shove it into our faces again and again?

So before you react to anything, I presume you’d be asking “What the hell is this 14 year old talking about? He doesn’t even vote.” Yeah, you can say that. However, as a citizen of this nation, it is of my concern to know who are the Presidential Candidates and to see if they’re really deserving. After all, I am and WILL be affected during the 6 years of the winner’s term.

You know, these advertisements just make politics some laughingstocks. Why? Constant mockery of their jingles and speeches just make the jokes even more hilarious. They’re simply making a fool out of themselves.

They say, commercial advertisements are there so people would be able to know these politicians more. Notice how I italicized the word “know.” Why? Because people just actually know these politicians what they’re famous for like their color codings or how you’re identified in the public with a common name. However, in some cases, people also identify these politicians of what they have done before the electoral race like speaking bad words in public in a particular event.

Students who studied fallacies and black propaganda know that these politicians who are advertising commit some/all of those. Funny and at the same time annoying.

Why are these advertisements annoying for me? These politicians are simply wasting money! Why? Well, for every 30-second commercial, you pay 1 Million pesos. That’s a lot of money! Imagine? That kind of money for just an advertisement. Now, multiply that one with the number of advertisements you just saw on Television and the number of times they are repeated. That still doesn’t include the money they spent in making that commercial.  If they only used that money to charities and for the improvement and innovation of this country, then we would have made a big difference by now!

They don’t need to tell us that their parents fought for the country’s democracy or that they were born poor and became rich and that they deserve the position because they can relate to both rich & poor for they have experienced both. They don’t need to shove into our faces the projects and good things they have done as a person. You don’t need to publicize the good deeds you have done. If you do that, it’s like proclaiming to the world that you’re humble in a boastful manner.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to advertise yourself [though it may sound that I am]. For me, it’s just that they should lessen the advertisements. Most especially when their advertisements only contain the same meaning and some white lies together with some soft soaps.

This is the part where sincerity and humility need to come into action.


2 thoughts on “Politicians and Their Advertisements

  1. Polexis says:

    exactly, they’re wasting money on advertisements, when in fact they could earn the people’s trust/attention by giving them to those who need them badly. few ads are alright, but one too many? i don’t think it’s right anymore imho.
    besides, i’m annoyed as hell to the numerous ad commercials on tv X(

  2. godfree says:

    Manny Villar has the most commercials aired since last year and even in the late 2008. What’s scary is that if he lost in the elections, how will he get the money back? This is the same mistake that Prospero Pichay did during the 2007 elections and yet, he lost.

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