The Things I Like about Tumblr

No, I did not misspell it. It really is spelled like that. Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post photos, text, videos, links, quotes, chatlogs, etc.

What is it with tumblr that makes people so addicted to it? It’s a micro-blogging site that allows one to follow another user. What does a user commonly post which makes me so amused and happy? The simplicities of life and love.

These simplicities are so amusing actually that we never really did notice them until we read them in those tumblr photos or texts.  Like for example

“Oh the joy of solving a Math Problem”

Users also post witty things that never fail to put a smile on our face. Things that we sometimes feel ashamed of, but thinking of it smartly, we just couldn’t help but chuckle as we read. An example of which is.

“If your crush caught you looking at him, don’t fret. He wouldn’t even know if he wasn’t looking at you as well.”

There are also the sad realities of life. We just can’t help but be struck by some words. As they say in Tagalog, bato bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit. LOL. Technically, most users aren’t mad, they’re just struck. Haha! Like this example.

“You miss her, but does she even miss you?”

Tumblr is also the abode of the renowned blogsecret. Blogsecret posts the secrets of anonymous users only wishing to release their hidden emotions through this one. What’s nice about blogsecret is that users actually know that they’re not alone in their sentiments. There are other people who share the same problems and situations that they have.  Here’s a sample

“14393.) So, it’s been two-three years. I still love you. Nothing has changed. I love you just as I did.”

Tumblr users also show their humorous side by posting jokes and funny pictures which would really really give us an enormous laughter. Some of them can make you laught due to the corniness it brings. Others can really make you laugh because of its pure humor. Here’s a joke I found on Tumblr

“My grandfather once told me, ‘Did you know that the only word in the dictionary that starts with `su` that is pronounced in `sh` is sugar?’ I just smiled and said ‘sure?’ Then binato nya ako ng diksyunaryo. SAPOL! :))

There are a lot of things that tumblr has to offer. There are users who post songs and videos which we haven’t viewed or heard before, but are totally awesome. There are people who post links to their blogs or just some amusing websites.

Due to tumblr’s popularity most especially with the photo pictures, they’re already reaching the FaceBook albums much to my disappointment. This just shows that tumblr is indeed that awesome.

So now you see why I love Tumblr that much. Maybe not just I, but the thousands of Tumblr users worldwide.


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