Fame Review + Insights

So I just watched this musical film entitled Fame which was released on 2009. The reason why I like the movie so much despite the negative reviews of movie critics is that it shows the reality of life. Struggling to become famous and some things about enhancing our craft.

Sometimes, as hard as we practice, we just don’t excel in the path we have chosen. Like Kevin Barett (Paul McGill) who wanted to become a professional ballet dancer but had skills that weren’t exceptional,  we just could not become as skillful as the others though we practice the hardest than anyone else.  The least we could do is take a different path similar to the path wanted, but on a different league.

There are also times when we just lack the courage to stand up to what we truly love, oftentimes giving in to what our parents and elders want. Similar to Denise Dupree (Naturi Naughton), her parents wanted her to become a classical pianist, but as the film progresses she discovers she’s good in singing. If we wanna be happy with what we’re doing, we should be sure that what we’re doing is what we really want and not just some dream of another person.

Friendship also proves to be one of those special bonds not worthy of breaking. As Denise is offered to become a recording artist, she humbly declines as her friends, Victor Taveras (Walter Perez) and Malik Washburn (Collins Pennie) who discovered her talent, won’t be included in the deal much to their disappointment. No matter what privileges or freebies are given to us, we should never forget our friends who had been there with us. The guys who believed in us and we should never drop them off.

It’s hard to open up to people, especially when it concerns something deep and difficult to express due to the pain it brings. This situation is shown by Malik; thus, explaining his aggressive nature. Oftentimes, he is in solitude, bonding only with Denise and Victor. However, in his Senior year, he learns to open up, talking to his Drama teacher, Mr. Alvin Dowd (Charles Dutton). It’s really good to have a listening ear. Someone who’s as human as we are. Someone worth the talk. After we let those words get out of our mouths, we just feel like as if a thorn has been removed from our hearts.

There are just many more lessons you’ll get from the film. You’ll learn how a society can be manipulative to a naive high-school student.You’ll also learn how to value your education first if we really wanna be successful. And speaking of success, you’ll also learn the true meaning of success.

I give this film a 3.5/5


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