Album Review: Just Like You [Allison Iraheta]

American Idol Season 8’s Third Runner Up may not have had that much exposure, but this album proves that she has the most awesome record than any of her co-season stars.

Knowing that Allison Iraheta was working with different people, I initially thought this record would be one hot mess. However, the result proved otherwise.

Just Like You - Album Art

1. Friday I`ll Be Over U
    The album starts with her debut single "Friday I’ll Be Over U" which is really one great album opener. Friday is one great song that brings out that pop-rocker inside Allison. The song brings out Allison’s feisty side greatly complementing her husky voice. Friday‘s fun and I can see some personality now which didn’t come across during her Idol performances. Female Teens may be swooned by those heartthrobs, but this song brings out the aggressive side of every teenage girl.  I see a feistier Kelly C. in this song. Kudos to Max Martin for this one. :-bd

2. Robot Love
    Robot Love’s the second song of this album and it really keeps the momentum going. This is most probably the best song of her album. Robot speaks about a girl hating how her boy obsesses about his gadgets instead of her. The song has a catchy chorus with those "na, na’s" and the "gimme my gimme my back" lines that would surely keep you on LSS. The violently emotional bridge is what makes this song better than Friday. However, Like Friday, the song again brings out a feisty side of her.

3. Just Like You
     The song which the album is named after. The ballad doesn’t lose the aggressive nature of this album. Allison certainly delivers this song in a way I couldn’t even think of. The only down side to think of this song is that it’s easily forgettable. The beat too sounds quite old for Alli. Not a good track to follow after those fun two songs.

4. Don’t Waste The Pretty
     Allison redeems herself after that mediocre JLY with this song. This song speaks of woman empowerment and targets every hurt lady regardless of what age with lyrics that mean Don’t Waste Your self on some pathetic guy who doesn’t even care . The chorus certainly makes one hooked and; She does a remarkable job of singing the song which makes this a stand-out track of the album.

5. Scars
     Scars is surely the best ballad of this song. Unlike the other songs of this album, this inspirational song sounds peaceful and soothing. If you’ve been watching her in her ‘Idol’ journey, this is like one of those bluesy songs she performed similar to ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’.  What makes this awesome is how she’s able to control her voice and tone it down suited to what the song is telling us of; showing some vulnerability. This song proves that Iraheta isn’t just a one trick pony with pop-rock songs, but someone with a voice.

6. Pieces
We then come back to her uptempo songs. I can’t say much about this song. It’s just forgettable and one of the tracks you can just skip since the next song is really one of the good songs.

7. D is for Dangerous
Look guys! We have a new way of teaching kids the alphabet! What I like about this song is that it reminds me of those songs that make you feel nostalgic due to its beats. It doesn’t stand out, but it’s not mediocre. It’s just good.

8. Holiday
   It’s the Dilana cover! She gave justice to this song. The first time I heard of this song, I immediately thought… PINK!! She gives everyone her fun side again! Her big voice and range matched the song perfectly! She gives it. She lets us know that she’s having this awesome time in her life and we believe her because she sings it like it’s friggin’ happening. Her kiss-my-ass attitude comes out and I just can’t help but say.. This girl is IT.

9. Still Breathing
Another great song, and this is one song which many critics and people may have overlooked. Breathing is one of those songs that you just play whenever you’re on a long vacation trip or having one of those joyrides and you just happen to sing it to your heart’s content.

10. Trouble Is
Trouble brings out Allison’s bluesy voice which we all love. The moment you hear this song, you surely will put this on repeat. Ifg Scars reminds you of "Someone To Watch Over Me," this song should remind you of "I Can’t Make you Love Me." Another one of them standout tracks.

11. No One Else
This Pink/Kara DioGuardi penned song is certainly the most emotional song in this album. Counting her numerous wails, this song seems like an emotional roller coaster ride. Too many large notes in the last part. I am simply astounded on how she was able to reach those. O_o

12. Beat Me Up
      It’s one of those guilty-pleasure songs that would either rock you or let you dance. She brings back her fun side once again. Though, I’m not a fan of the lyrics. It’s basically talking about going for that person even though that person keeps on hurting us and putting us down which I surely won’t be advocating. What sucks is that you wouldn’t be able to care for the lyrics since the tune gets you hooked up.

13. You Don’t Know Me
      What I like about this song is that Allison was one of the writers of this and that the song closes the album in a most awesome way. The start of the song makes us wait for something big and as soon as it hits the chorus, she delivers it. BIG TIME! Same goes with the verses.

Given the exposure, this album and its singles would be soaring the BillBoard charts right now. There weren’t really tracks that you would consider giving a 1 out of 5. Maybe, a 3 out of 5. The album’s just awesome in all levels. From top to bottom, it brings out a side of Allison that we didn’t see or we rarely saw on Idol. FUN & TOUCHY. Everyone should expect more of this redhead teenager and buy her albums/singles. THIS GIRL CAN REALLY REALLY SING! Album’s worth it and I give it a grade of..


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