Why I think my school should have a Student Council

When I was on Elementary, my school had a Student Government Organization. I was part of that organization since I won the elections there. Now that I have reached High School, I found that this school had no Student Council or some Student Body Representation.

As a student, there are some things in which I am not pleased of with regards to their way of running things and with some of the rules and regulations. There are also some things which I need clarification of. You see, a Supreme Student Council is highly needed by the school so as to bridge a large gap with the administration and the students. What is really the significance of having a Student Council in a school? It is important for the necessary reason that there are things that students wish to address to the administration, yet they cannot or are afraid to do so. If we were to establish a council that are composed of students who will be able to have a connection to the administration, then that problem would be solved.

Considering that students understand fellow students and are able to communicate in a way that would be suitable to people of their age bracket, it would be very convenient to have this "council." Students are the first ones affected by the school’s decisions and every move. As I have observed now, students are dissatisfied with most of the things the school’s doing.

An example of a move that the students dislike is the way the faculty picks representatives in competitions. Most students they pick are overrated ones which they know. The usual ones who participate and excel academically. Little do they know that there’s someone else better than that person in the particular field he’s competing. What did these students complain suggest? Hold auditions if they want to be representatives and also, seek advice from the students themselves since they practically know their fellow students more than those faculty members know.

You know what students want? The administration to listen to them. The reason why these students continue to display their barbaric behavior is because they’re not being heard on. What better way to do this than establish a Supreme student council!


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