Our Secrets.

There are just times in our lives which we wanna express ourselves and find someone to listen to our depressions – may it be on heartbreaks or family problems.

All we needed was someone who`d really understand. One who won`t judge us for our confessions and be open for anything – a shoulder to cry on. Nowadays, it’s really difficult to find some person whom we can really trust our secrets. We’re too worried that if we ever end up in a fight with them, we tend to think that they’d be the ones who’ll reveal it all and that would surely sentence us to social isolation and eternal shame considering how embarrassing they are on your terms. Yeah. No matter how optimistic you may be, the thought never comes out of mind.

We can only count on ourselves most of the time. There are things which are better left unsaid though. Some things that would be better if no one would know. It’s confidentiality makes it best to remain a secret. After all, a secret is no longer a secret once two people share it. It would just be like an exclusive information. There are some things that would be better off going with us as we go to our graves.  

However, it is really inevitable not to express these hidden emotions inside of us. We feel like carrying our pumping hearts with large rusty nails piercing it. OUCH. We really do want to remove those nails now, don’t we? Well, it can’t be helped. If you just wanna blurt it out loud and say it, then do so. I`m not stopping you. I`m just saying that there are some other ways though which in my perception can really really help.

In my case, I use this blog to reveal my perspective about certain things which really affect me most and my secret answers and responses are placed here. I also some hidden posts here y’know. 😉 Sometimes, I feel like music’s my remedy. Search a song that fits my current mood and sing it. It helps even more if we sing it out loud. There are just songs that we can really relate to and can just ignore the boring tones or stupid beats, but reflect on the lyrics more and sing out each word as if it was our message. Inside one of us is a poet. We can make poems. It may be vague, but we know the story behind it.

We may think our secrets are only experienced by us. Try going to blogsecret.tumblr.com and see other people’s secrets. There may be some people who share the same hidden sentiments as you do, and posting it on blogsecret  is their remedy.


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