Year-End Special [2009]

Okay. 2009 Sucked. Generally. Yeah, there were a few good moments, but overall it just sucked.

2009 was definitely disastrous. When I mean disastrous, I mean it. Numerous deaths, calamities, those kinds of stuff. It just pisses me off reminiscing those memories especially the regrets. We failed to do what we should have done, may it be taking those actions back or pursuing them. MISTAKES. Yeah, you can say they’re lessons, but you can’t erase the fact that they’re really "MISTAKES." That word wasn’t created for nothing, right? So you got two sides of a coin. No matter what side you choose, you still have the coin and you get both.

So, what should we do with those mistakes? You can’t dwell in the past forever, right? All we gotta do is just see to it that we’re never gonna do ´╗┐it again. Never commit the same mistakes. Though mistakes are inevitable, let’s lessen them. Let’s be wise.  2010’s here. A new year symbolizes a new beginning. How much more if what we’re reaching is a new decade?

2010. Another step forward. Leave the past and see what this year has in store for us. Anything goes. I just hope this turns alright for all of us. Wishing that this year won’t be that horrible compared to the year we’re leaving. I’ll be looking forward to more giggles and more ups than downs.

On a side note, I would like to thank the people who are still currently working and not with their loved ones this holiday season. That`s like a big sacrifice and I applaud you for that. I hope you get rewarded with that kind of heroic deed.


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