A Christmas Special.

Why is it when Christmas arrives, the only things people could think about are the presents they`d be receiving, the Noche Buena and Santa Claus?

I admit I`m not that religious. Some would consider me as an atheist. Somehow, I believe in a divinity. However, I don`t wanna be associated with some religious sector ,that also believes in a divinity, but would violate its aphorisms. Sidetracking much?

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. However, people focus on Santa Claus — the mascot of Christmas. We rarely see Nativity displays. We often see Santa Claus everywhere. From fat guys wearing Santa outfits to Supervisors wearing Santa hats, it surely cannot be denied that Santa is indeed becoming the FACE of Christmas. What has happened to Jesus Christ? What is Santa Claus’s significance in Christmas? Yes, there was his history of giving gifts to the poor, and he deserves praise for it, but should you forget the birth of our Lord? Well, maybe it`s just to make people get into the season. It just saddens me that Santa outweighs the divinity they "believe" in.

There’s nothing wrong with receiving gifts. It`s just that people are more concerned on receiving them rather than focusing on giving. Most of us already have enough of what we could have. Maybe even more and people crave for more pleasure which is gluttony. Let’s look at the other side. They don`t even have food, clothing, shelter, those kinds of needs. Them receiving a Chicken McDo would be equal to us receiving a MacBook Pro. The essence of Christmas is not receiving, but giving. Wouldn’t you feel happy helping a person, seeing him accepting your gift wholeheartedly and you really see the satisfaction and gratitude in his eyes? That`s it.

We can have fun on Christmas. It’s the yuletide season and it’s what it’s all about. Joy & Happiness. No need for gloomy faces and signs of guilt. We can just go and live the Christmas spirit and share it with everyone. Let’s not treat this as a vacation from school & work, but a season of giving & sharing.

For a meaningful Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -aid.


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