Cavite Memories. Day 1

Even in my short stay there, I didn`t expect that I`d really miss them greatly for what they`ve done. :]

There was this maaaajor event that required my school, the University of San Jose-Recoletos, to send some delegates. It was SCORES 09, Student Congress of Recollect Schools. So from the meaning, one could already get what it was about. :))

I applied since I wanted to have the experience, and they said it was fun. lol. Due to some luck, I got accepted. Yay! SSCR – Cavite was the venue. There were the endless practices for the cultural night and those other shiz. Let`s skip those parts now, shall we?

It was November 25, 2009. The day we arrived at Manila. I was irritated at the plane ride. Some babies were annoyingly crying behind me. GOOOOD. Did I mention that that was my first plane ride? Some first plane ride memory. >_>. ARRIVAL. ARRIVAL. WOOO..Waiting for the bus that would take us to Cavite, we talked and took pictures and this and that. Yay! The bus arrived. Lots of eye-candies. Hahahaha. Murder me for mentioning that one out. Dropped by at Jollibee to buy some food to eat. Took hours before we arrived. I slept and slept and again, slept. Don`t blame me. I didn`t get a good sleep at that plane ride.

We arrived!! Yaaaay!! Greeted by a marching band. Troop 45, was it? Dropped the bags in the office, and proceeded to the library. They gave us food. AGAIN. Nooooo. my stomach could not anymore take it. noooo. 😦 Opening Ceremony started. There were the usual things and then boom. The introduction of the delegates to their hosts. Oh god. They did not just put my 2×2 picture on the presentation. I look like some sort of runaway prisoner. o_O I was practically nervous since I don`t know how my host or his family would treat me. There goes. His name was Denzel "Denshio" Samala, he was nice and seemed to have a cheerful disposition everytime. There goes the introductions and I grabbed my black luggage. Turns out Marie Kris Paulie "Lang-lang" Casia, a colleague of mine, has my host’s girlfriend as her host, Alessandra "Alyssa" Mine. The car was her ownership, by the way. Greeted by a black Toyota fortuner, Denz, as I call him, placed my luggage inside the car. There was some short talk along the way. Their house was only a few minutes away and it wasn’t too long until we arrived. I was welcomed by his Lola Myrna and Manang Rose. They cooked for lunch. I love the food. Too bad I was full, so I couldn`t eat more of those stuffs. 😦 I gave them my pasalubong which were all food. From danggit to otap, yeah those Cebu delicacies. Coincidentally, their family was an owner of a delicacy shop. :]

Since we had two hours to spend before the activity in school [San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite] starts, Denz && I exchanged personal details, experiences and had some fun talks. Then poof. It was already time. Changed to our P.E. Uniform and then there was that luxurious black Toyota Fortuner again. Wootwew.

The afternoon was all FUN && GAMES. OMFG. We were exhausted after that sleepless flight, and they want us to have Fun && Games. WOOOOOW!!! O___o. We lost many of the games, though, but we bagged the last one. Some sort of Amazing Race, but was named as Adventure Trail. After that tiring thing, they decided we should all get home so we can all rest for the night’s activity. We didn’t head home right away though. Alyssa, Denz, Kris, and I went to the Tiangge since the girls wanted to buy something. There was nothing much I could find. After that, we took a Jeepney ride to Cavite Zoo. Denz introduced me to Novelita, PN, yeah those places. =)) We stopped then we boarded a pedicab to Cavite Zoo. It wasn`t really that far from Denz’s house, so we clearly had the upperhand. >:D There were tigers and even chickens! and I was like.. "what were these chickens doing here?" ROFLOL. Then we agreed to carry a python. o_O Kris && I carried one. I was a bit at ease when the python suddenly kissed my hand. I took it off right away leaving Kris in midair. :)) We took pictures of the funny moments and shiz and stuffs. The 4 of us went to Denzel’s house and the car was waiting for them. They said the car would just go back as soon as it finished ushering Kris and Alyssa to their houses. I took a bath since I was really really sweaty after the games. I changed into something Smart Casual. Whoaaaa. I didn’t even know what that means. I took it as semi formal, so I sported out a striped polo shirt, black slacks with black leather shoes.

Acquaintance Party. We socialized of course. I met different people. Leigh Anne Mateo and those other girls and the singing guy. Mary Kaye "mkaye" Abellana, another colleague of mine, shared the same table as I. We were really really really far from our colleagues. They were on Tables 1 – 8. We, however, were on Table 21. That means we’d be the last persons to get the food. We ran out of Stick-O!!!! NOOOOOO!!! /dies.I had quite a scrumptious meal. QUITE means QUITE. There was singing. Then suddenly. Disco lights were on. PARTAAAAAY. Dancing ensued. Apparently, my host and his barkada started some sort of snake. y`know that formation when you play Catch the Dragon’s Tail. It grew longer and longer and we were like whoaaa. :)) It lasted for half an hour then the singing again continued. Alyssa’s mom, Tita Lina, wanted Denz, Alyssa, Kris and I to go to MoA so we’d enjoy. We asked permission, but our chaperon insisted that we should wait for John Albert "Dhudz" Orozco, another colleague of ours, to finish singing. He hasn’t sung yet so we had him next. There he sang and there were cheers then boom. Kris & I asked to leave already then bye-bye. But again! We were asked to stay since there was this lost cellphone which they needed to find. They failed anyway.

Kris, Alyssa, and I waited for Denz to come. After a few minutes, Alyssa went on to find her lover. As Alyssa left, Denz appeared with his gang. Woot. Hahaha. Now it was the other way around. Anyhow, after some roundups, the team finally regrouped. There was a sudden change of plans though. Bregenz Nazaire and Arok Felizardo [their facebook names] wanted to join too together with their foster brothers. On the way to MoA.!! Lots of talk and shizz. We arrived!! Sadly, the insides of the mall were closed, so we just stayed at the bay area. Jay-R [Arok], Bregz and their adopted ones separated themselves from us. So kris & I took pictures and such. Hopped at Starbucks for some coffee. LOL. It was already 10PM and we still drank coffee. hahahaha. Apparently, it was Kris’s first time at Starbucks. =)) Took pictures and shiz. We could have bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but the store was clooosed. We continuously took pictures until it was time to go home. The four of us were at the back. 😀 Ironically, we fell asleep along the trip even after finishing that coffee drink. When we arrived at Denz’s, I unconsciously said "bababa na ba ako? " Everyone was like ROFLMAO. I sound drunk. o_O

We arrived at 12: 30 A.M. and I immediately slept. That doesn`t count day 1 anymore now, does it? Since it was already midnight, that should be on Day 2. LOL. Nevermind. My first slumber on Denzel`s house.


That was a long blogpost. Such a narration. ZOMG. i`mma post this on FB


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