We try so hard.

Living in a colorful prejudiced world, it`s so difficult to live by our true selves.

Honestly, each and everyone of us wants to be accepted by the society. We do whatever it takes so we would be accepted by the people we choose as friends. There`s this question. We choose them, but did they choose us? In order to make sure, we do a lot of stupid things that would entertain them. We fake our personal details, so they would classify us as high-status. After their acceptance, there`s the difficult part — living out what we claim to be. This signifies the birth of social climbing and peer pressure.

Thus, the very existence of peer pressure has been the reason why people do lots of mistakes in their lives. It’s a never-ending process/cycle. Victims of peer pressure also victimize others.

In a judgmental world, it would be very very difficult to show your inner self without encountering mass discrimination. Often hearing people’s criticisms of a particular stereotype, we strive to become the opposite so as to avoid the same criticisms they heard. This also applies to sons and daughters going with what their parents want.

Sometimes. Wait maybe not sometimes. It always hurts whenever people criticize about a certain attitude or thing which we know we possess, but we conceal it from them. We silently say to ourselves "if you only weren`t stereotypical and if you only knew us that well, then you wouldn`t say that."

If there are people whom you should socialize and associate yourselves with, it would be those people who accept you for what you are. That way, you wouldn`t have to hide yourself and you can be honest in every other way. There’d be no holes in your heart nor will you carry such burden above your shoulders.

I wish the world was colorblind sometimes. That way, people wouldn`t judge you for who you are, but instead, support you. Doesn`t it feel good when people accept you for who you are and not because of who you`re trying to be? We don`t have to hide, and we don`t have to try to be other persons. We’ll just be ourselves gleefully free and unbothered.

Hoping for a better world,

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