A Problem with Schools.

You see. Schools teach us the lessons and stuffs, but there’s just one thing that bothers me most.

Yeah sure maybe not one thing. School has a lot of problems and I am deeply affected by the burden that all of these problems bring. I`ll just name one thing that`s been noticed or maybe unnoticed by some. I feel so ironic. =))

We all know that when we get out of the parameters of the four corners of what we call as classrooms, we won’t be facing quizzes, academic lessons and terrifying teachers that would patiently guide us in and out. We’ll be facing reality, and teachers are very important in securing our bright future.

Teachers have their own majors, right? English, Science, Math, Religion, name them all! What’s sad about this is that they, too, are violators of their own aphorisms.

Though it may not be their major, they should learn the simple application of the other subjects so that they too won`t be branded as hypocrites. Wouldn’t it feel awkward when your English teacher teaches you correct enunciation and grammar and there comes your Social Studies teacher having bad grammar and funny pronunciations. It gives students an excuse to commit these mistakes. They should be living examples of what others teach. That is why it is recommended for teachers to include some other subject areas in their discussions.

Your computer teacher exhibits behavior which is considered wrongful by your Religion teacher. Would you not feel distressed that your computer teacher was able to do this freely without even having any sanctions or punishments?

Imagine yourself committing an error, would you not be scolded by your teacher? Can you imagine yourself having an excuse like "Sorry. This isn’t my major."

They’re not One trick ponies now, are they? Schools need competent teachers who are surely not one trick ponies, and are able to prove to their students the real life application of the lessons being learned.

There`s an excuse that says "We can`t be everything." Can they not at least try? Students have the difficulty in memorizing and familiarizing all the lessons being thrown at them in more than 1 subject. Even going in to the details that wouldn’t even help them when they get to the real world. Can the teachers at least do the same thing?


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