Ang Ladlad Partylist.

I was severely disappointed about the news. Comelec rejects Ang Ladlad`s petition to become a sectoral party.

“Furthermore, should this Commission grant the petition, we will be exposing our youth to the environment that does not conform to the teachings of our faith,” is a statement they issued based on a famous bible teacher and writer of USA, Mr. Lehman Strauss which says "Older practicing homosexuals are a threat to the youth."

LGBT’s are a threat to the youth? WOW. That is insane. The youth do not care about politics that much. They show more concern on their environment. Also, when has the Philippines followed religion? Most of us don’t even go to Sunday masses. A lot of us don’t evangelize. Half of us are atheists. Many are becoming non-believers. Why? Look around you. People already have no hope in this country. From issues on garbage to corruption, what is there to believe in? A devastated country this has become. So I say. How dare they base religion on their decision.

“As an agency of the government, ours too is the State’s avowed duty under Section 13, Article II of the Constitution to protect our youth from moral and spiritual degradation,” the resolution added. Protect the youth from moral and spiritual degradation? The government HAS ALREADY FAILED in that part already. Many of the youth are becoming drug addicts, smokers, gamblers, thieves and criminals! Why? It’s because they are exhibiting such acts. Most government officials have tobacco businesses, some are even masterminds of drug manufacturing. Also, it’s common belief that the government is corrupt. It can be deduced that hypocrisy indeed exists.

One main reason why the Philippines cannot progress is that it still relies on archaic beliefs. We’re already in the 21st century. We cannot move on if we still rely on religion [when we of course violate many of its major rules] Plus, we’re talking about Human Equality and I think it’s about time the Philippines accept the existence of the oppressed LGBT. They’re not being immoral. Each and every one of us have contributions in this world. Each individual, too, is given a purpose.. What "Ang Ladlad" was doing was the thing ought to be done.

What do I have to suggest? Let them run and see what the people have decided. Whether they win or lose.

Elections and their Campaigns

Elections are drawing near and the campaigns are starting. Which candidate convinced you? Which didn’t?

There goes every candidate going through the slums just for people to view them as a "person for the masses," urging them to vote for him. They have their debates, plans if they ever get their desired position. The moment we hear of their words, people get astounded. Especially if they talk about something that the people want like higher wages, free houses and such. Many of them often go with the two words "I promise." Do they even know what a promise is? Having said that, none of these promises have been made true. They just forget what they said and poof! If they win, as soon as they start until they end their terms, nothing much has happened.

There are the posters. Numerous stickers and posters are being stuck on street walls, sides, everywhere! They haven’t won, yet they’re making trash already. They’re even difficult to remove. Jeez. Instead of helping, they’re just damaging. Who the hell cares about their unappealing faces being posted consecutively on walls?

Candidates show their plasticity side. They go to slums, visiting victims of calamities, giving them food and support. What? Do they really have to wait till it’s near election time just so they could give? It makes people think that everyday should be Campaign Day because at least, these government officials and these candidates are doing what they’re ought to be doing


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