Colloquial mindsets with regards to Reality TV

"People are blinded by looks and status"

The Philippines has abundant Reality Shows and Competitions. Due to their success, they have had many seasons and some are still even going on as of the moment. These contests require contestants on a certain specialty based on the nature of the contest. Thus, a winner shall be picked by either the viewers or the judges based on what the contestant has given. The winner will be receiving cash prizes and many more privileges.  Sadly though, winners of these contests are only picked through pity votes or through their looks.

In my own point of view, prizes are just bonuses for the winner. Let`s take Pinoy Big Brother. Viewers pick the winner through text voting and those vote cards.Every seasons that passed, they featured various kinds of people. From people stricken with poverty to eye-candies. From all these people that were featured, the winners were the ones who had touching stories to tell. The poor ones. Well, I for one, am against this kind of voting. People should vote for contenders who have shown character and who they think is really worth it. Take for example PBB:TEP`s Ejay Falcon. He didn’t deserve to win. He was what you called, in vernacular, tanga. He was only picked as the winner since his dad was illiterate and he was adopted since his foreigner dad left him. My gosh, he can’t even do tasks properly. He broke numerous glasses and plates, yet he still won. There are many other housemates who deserved to win like Robi and Beauty. the former showing intelligence and exemplary behavior and the latter for being true to herself. If poor people are the only ones to allowed to win such contest, then the administrators should just pick up some guys lying in the streetsides or those who live under bridges. For me, the prizes divert the true essence of a competition.

There’s another case. Remember Little Big Star: Teen category? The one who won back then was Sam Concepcion. Charice was on the same batch as Sam’s. Charice was only 3rd runner up. Sam did not have an amazing voice. He was just your usual teeny-bopper. [It pains me to say this] Charice had a large voice which was unusual for her age, yet she lost. Why? Because Sam was oh-so cute and girls love him. There was another contest. Search for the Star in a Million. Season 1.It had contestants: Erik Santos, Sheryn Regis, Marinel Santos and Christian Bautista.  Erik won. Why? Girls digged him. Sheryn, Christian and Marinel were better singers. Not to mention Sheryn leading in every category in the contest. Not even landing in the Bottom group. Both competitions: Little Big Star and Search for a Star in a Milltion had the people vote.

What’s my point? My point is people really don’t know how to pick their winners. Their brains are being brainwashed by either their pity or their infatuation. Thus, there should be a criteria that must be followed in these competitions. They should lessen the percentage of text votes. some of them would have text votes as 50% or even 60+%! They should lessen this to like 10 – 30%. That way, the experts will know their thing and that the audience, which commonly targets colloquial people, would have less effect with regards to their unwise choices.

So the next time we choose whom to support, let`s be sure that they`re really worth it and we`re not blinded by our pities and infatuations.



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