The Filipino Irony

We often hear aggressive retorts from the Philippines when we are being disgraced by the other countries. My question is. Have we ever looked at what we’ve done so far that would make us worthy of such insults?

As far as my observation has gone to, whenever someone insults the Philippines, people blog, rally, protest and request for the banning of the concerned person and immediately ask for public apologies.. Let`s try to see the recorded cases.

Alec Baldwin. He quipped, "(I’m) thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point… or a Russian one." For one, I can`t blame him. How many Filipinas have you seen having foreigners as husbands? How many Filipinas have you seen posting their profiles on dating websites like and We cannot blame Mr. Baldwin. Senator Ramon Revilla can call him and his comment "insensitive and uncalled for," but that was the truth. You can have him banned from the country. Whatever. As if he’d want to come here anyway.

Chip Tsao. He wrote an article saying the Philippines is a "nation of servants." Honestly, it speaks the truth. Yes, we may have large companies and corporations, but who owns them? Of course, non-Filipinos. Filipinos are merely employees and workers of these large companies. Filipinos are being used and being manipulated by these people. The Filipinos are serving foreigners instead of their fellowmen and themselves. Preposterous! Well, most Filipinos are OFWs, and these OFWs somehow boost the economy. The Philippines sends thousands of Filipinos everyday to other countries rather than focusing on creating jobs locally. This is what you get.

I know it’s late but last September 26, 2008. An episode of the British Show "Harry and Paul" aired a scene wherein an OFW maid was scene seducing an elderly man. The OFW maid was portrayed by a Filipina herself. Just focusing on that particular scene, you won’t get what it was talking about; watching the whole episode would. Okay, besides that let’s focus on that particular scene (LOL. I`m so Ironic). [Supposing] that it was really made for insults. Well, aren’t those showgirls you see on National Television [i.e. Wowowee and Eat Bulaga] wearing such skimpy outfits? That makes them look like sluts, right?

My point here is that Filipinos should not react aggressively on what people from foreign lands say. I tell you. We should reflect and think about why they said those kinds of stuffs. We should not only focus on the discrimination part. We must first see the reason and see what we have done to truly deserve these kinds of remarks.


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