Life`s that way and this is all I say.

Life can be fair and unfair depending on one’s views and state. Life also offers a lot of opportunities and when it comes, we grasp it and never let it go since things like that may never come back again.

We always can`t have all the glory in this world. There are some things which we can`t have. We are not the only persons living in this world. The world can still exist without us. Thus, we’re not that special apart from anyone else. Well, if we truly want one thing though, we should work for it and never stop striving and besting the others in every field we choose. 

They say, the heaviness of the good things that come into our lives will be equal to the severeness of the bad things that will come to our lives and vice versa. Life is somehow fair, contrary to popular belief. It’s like saying that for every dark cloud comes a sweet silver lining.

People believe that we, ourselves, are the weavers of our fate and destiny. We are highly responsible for the things that happen to us. Which is why we cannot always blame life and label it as unfair. It’s how we do things.

Life’s a one time deal. You only have one shot. Blew it? You’re screwed!  That is why we must always make the most out of life. We may never know when the thread runs out.


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