Jacque Bermejo: The True “Ondoy”

Some of you may not know her yet, but I`ll give you the details. She`s the woman who proclaimed on Facebook that the Philippines really deserved such tragedy.

Before I continue this blogpost, I would like to offer this portion for the victims of the Typhoon "Ondoy." I hope I was able to help the unfortunates by offering some simple prayers. :]

Jacque Bermejo: The woman who unleashed a negative comment based on the Typhoon "Ondoy." She is the true Ondoy. Why? Because she is the bearer of a disaster.

I would like to comment on her statements..

How dare you say those words. Many sinners here in the Philippines? Yes, I will not deny that fact. And yet, each and every one of us living in this world is a sinner. Have you not looked in the mirror, Jacque? Are you a hypocrite? Have you not already sinned after saying those words? The answer to it is clearly yes, so I believe you also deserve to drown in the flood.  Nature is making a big statement? What are you? The official Spokesperson of Nature to the people living on Earth? Close kayo ni Mother Nature? WOW! So what if you`re in Dubai? The Philippines doesn’t care at all. It would be better if you won’t even come back. We don’t need insensitive and feeble-minded people here. Porke’t nakapag-abroad ka na eh ganyan na ang pananalita mo. Pilipina ka pa rin. Di na yan mawawala sa dugo mo! No wonder the Philippines doesn’t progress. It`s because of people like you who constantly pull other people down without even considering the current situation.

Instead of proclaiming to the whole wide webworld your stupid point of view regarding the catastrophe, you could have at least offered a helping hand to the unfortunate ones. Next time, please do use your brain. That is, if you have one.

P.S. Stop using English as your medium of communication. It’s highly irritating considering your ignorance of the language. It’s already annoying when you use English alone, how much more if you mix it with Tagalog.


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