Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Food Pleasure

Well, the $20,000 scandal is already well-known now. The President of the Philippines, dining on the Le Cirque, New York and spending $20,000 or more or less 1,000,000 pesos.

How dare she dine in such classy French restaurant spending $20,000 instead of just using the money wisely, for the betterment of the country she leads? Where will the food she ate go? Out from the rectum, to the toilet bowl, flushed to the canals and poof! Gone!

Then her spokesperson says, "Where will we let the President eat? On a hotdog stand?" Of course! Who is she? She’s still a normal person. Her Presidency doesn’t exempt her from engaging in common man’s activities (which includes eating on a fastfood chain) Why? Would she die if she would not eat in a luxurious restaurant?

Even Obama eats on a burger fastfood chain.

Compare President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to President Barack Hussein Obama. PGMA is not even equal to Pres. Obama. A leader of one of the world’s richest countries just eats on a fastfood chain on his Lunch. How about a leader of a Third World country? Well, she eats on a luxurious restaurant for Dinner. Wow. Just Wow.

Some reports say that the money wasn’t hers, but from a certain congressman who offered her to eat on that restaurant. The person who paid for the food eaten. Congressman Romualdez. MY GAWD! If she only had the brains, she could have told the Congressman not to eat on a prestigious restaurant, and instead of enjoying the lavish display she could have told the congressman that the money should have been used on the THOUSANDS of families in the Philippines who badly need money. Wow. Where is her intelligence? She’s supposed to be the president.

They stupidly spend $20,000 just to partake in such meal that would only be wasted. Is she not ashamed that her name appeared on every headline negatively. Her story even appeared on the New York Post. We’re in the middle of crisis and she’s enjoying herself in that lavish dinner. Most people would even strive just to get 1,500 pesos a month! Most people would even be contented if they eat Bread, or fried chicken on Jollibee. It would have been better if she spent it for the betterment of the society. But nooo. She did not.

Judging from the timeline, it would also seem like she was celebrating the death of President Cory Aquino. She acts like as if she’s not even a Doctor of Economics or someone who does not have good credentials.

Well, she should be ashamed of herself! The President is the most high ranking official in the Philippines. If the President has the guts to get money from the government, then the other government leaders will also have the guts to get money. Follow the leader

This is just truly disappointing. Instead of bringing hope to the Philippines, she’s doing the exact opposite. A shameful President. No wonder people want her to step out, and officially leave.


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