Woot! Taxi!

Taxi. I find it convenient whenever I’m on a hurry or when I just feel like it, but sometimes it just pisses me off.

Taxis are supposed to be like "semi-private" automobiles, right? In a sense that they go to routes freely like private cars. In most cases, this is not the case. Most taxi drivers are highly demanding! Let’s take for example, my case. Taxi drivers refuse to go inside our barangay since it’s quite tight. My god! Why do you think I rode a taxi instead of a jeepney? For the taxi to take me to the place where my house is. If the taxi would just drop me by at the corner, would there be any difference to the destination I would be when I’d use the jeepney? No. I could have saved some money if I only rode on the jeepney instead of the taxi since I would only end up arriving at the corner. The same spot. Kayo na nga binabayaran, kayo pa ang demanding!

There’s another case. Some of them are quite the opportunists. Whenever a foreigner rides a taxi, some of them tell the foreigner that the travel would only cost $20 – $50. Mah gahd! They’re making large money on that. If we convert it to the current rates. It would range from 960 – 2400 pesos! Normally, it wouldn’t even reach that high. Another opportunistic thing of them is by going to the "long route" instead of the shortcut. Why? So you would pay much.

Another one, there are the fraudulent meters. Some go faster than the others. Like WTF is that?  What happened? 
 they may have that "Taxi Meter: Tested and Approved" (something like that) sticker on their windshields. It still could not be denied that there’s an obvious deceit here. They better move on it. They should have uniformed meters like Titan.

Also, there are these taxi drivers that whenever they don’t have change, they claim to have the "keep the change" system. Uhh. What happened to the "customer is always right" system? Shouldn’t they also be responsible when itcomes to the change, and after knowing the destination, shouldn’t they estimate the cost in going to the desired destination based on the current location of the taxi? And if they knew that they don’t have change, should they also not  give some sort of solution to that like exchanging some large bills to the amounts they call "change."

Lastly, there are these inconsiderate Taxi Drivers, unaware of the status of the passenger. They smoke on the taxi. Though the window may be open, some of the smoke would also go to the passenger’s side. Gahd. Are they that stupid and selfish? They should also consider the passenger. They’re not the only ones in taxi, y’know. >_>

This is just so wrong. Taxis are getting uglier day by day. I guess they’re pretty much fuck’d up too. Especially the Autogas ones.


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