Newsbreaks: A touch with the Real World

So much has been happening already. Wow! 2009. The year where the world was struck with shock. I still believe more are coming this Fall. Not to mention. Glee! New Albums from Great Artists! X Factor! Gossip Girl and many more!

June 25, 2009.
(I know it’s late. >_>) The King of Pop, Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. The whole world was shocked. Everyone was flooding the internet searching for the validity of his death. Many thought it was impossible. He was supposed to have his Final Tour in Europe, but it would not happen now. He is dead. The king of pop has died. Everyone gave their tribute to MJ. From Message Walls to Dedicated Performances, each tribute had a touch of heart. To the man who has touched everyone’s lives with his music, you will surely be missed. On the same date, Charlie’s Angel Farah Fawcett died too.

August 1, 2009.
Philippine Political Figure Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, the first female President in the Philippines and in Asia has passed away on 3:18 AM due to cardiopulmonary arrest. This did not only shock the Filipino people, but the whole world as well.  President Cory was said to be the best President of the Philippines. She made the non-violent revolution possible, and continued to inspire other people as well. Her death led people wearing/making countless yellow ribbons, that also includes "Twibbons," virtual Yellow Ribbons. She will surely be remembered as the "Mother of the Nation."

August 6, 2009
Paula Abdul just confirmed on her Twitter that she’s leaving American Idol. Paula, having stayed for 8 years (which includes the start of the show), said to have declined a 30% raise on her pay. The other 3 judges, Randy, Simon and Kara will be coming back for the 9th season of ‘Idol’. American Idol will surely not be the same without her. Though she just seemed to babble this past season, her "positivity," "psychic ability" and "bloopers" would surely be missed.

There will surely be more news coming. We just reached August. There are still 4 months left. 4 months for news and whatever hits the people.



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