The Cutting Lines

Indeed. People are cutting lines in our heads. Ukaan is the tagalog term of it, and it is something like cutting portions of hair which violate "haircut rules"

I understand that this rule was made for the better of us, but is it really for the better? I think not.

Just to make it "clean?" God. Are we like armyheads or something that even in haircuts, we have to be uniformed. What is its purpose? Are we gonna apply it as we grow up? NO. It will all be down to our choice. What would you get when you remove hairs? Nothing. It’s not even your hair, for Pete’s sakes! It’s not yours, kaya wag mo ng pakialaman! It will be impertinent in our lives as we grow up. Will we have the same 2×3 or 2×4 or 3×3 haircuts as we continue our lives? HELL NO.

Good grooming, you say? Hair looks better if grown and trimmed properly unlike some archaic army cuts like 2×3, 2×4 or 3×3. Just as long as the hair fits the person neatly/properly, there should be tolerance! Think of this. It’s the 21st Generation. Times are different now. Would thisgeneration be happy if their hair looks like a coconut scrub just because the school requires it? If the hair is what we’re talking about, we can just make sure that the hair fits the person in any style he chooses.

People can say "You’re not forced! It’s your choice here in School, but just be aware of the consequences that follow." It’s still the same. Would we risk ourselves living in shame caused by the punishment? Of course not!

A number of students oppose this rule! It’s not that I hate rules, this one’s just so different. This is Madness! Preposterous!

==I am merely expressing my thoughts and opinions. If you’re saying that this isn’t allowed, it’s just like saying I don’t have the right to voice out my opinion in a personal blog.==


One thought on “The Cutting Lines

  1. Anonymous says:

    I stand on the same ground as yours. They just can’t control everything in this world. It would be damn boring. Everyone is unique. They should just let us be ourselves sometimes, right?

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