KHQ: A ONCE Blissful Forum

KHQ, short for K-zone HeadQuarters, was once a blissful forum in which everyone enjoyed the company of each other. There were no ignorant douches who ruined everyone’s life.

If you ask veterans and backtraced KHQ, you would notice that everyone was happy. No riots, no wannabes and those insects. You could say it was the "golden days." After some time, there was this riot. A member named Chadrizard claimed he had AIDS and was gonna die the next day. Many members were worried. Knowing that every member before were so kindhearted, they were pretty much sad. Hey! It’s the Internet! Anyone could fabricate lies. In short, Chad made it all up because he was attention-wh0rzing. So the treatment was cold as time passed. It wasn’t the same anymore. Many departed, and the forum wasn’t in it’s usual place.

As time passed, there were already lots of happenings. Wars occurred. KHQ was divided until such time there were already cliques which had contrasting ideals. It must be part of the mentality of the new generation that has come.

Time skip. Time skip. Time skip.


KHQ’s as dull as pixies on Fairly Odd Parents. Speaking of, there’s this member named "timmy" who’s been the cause of the forum’s shitty dullness. Take note, he is not alone. He has his douche friends helping him. Well, these members could have been fine if they weren’t TOO STUBBORN enough. They call themselves "PWNZ." If you look at the group name, you could definitely say that they are ignorant when it comes to Internet Memes. Especially memes that date 194gotten.

Well, they aren’t the only ones ruining the damned forum. Numerous douches, liars and airheads are still present in the boards. Lying personal details like them living in other countries, some claiming that they own numerous ORIGINAL dvd’s/cd’s of both video and games, others claim they’re hackers. Just so people would label them as "rich" or "powerful," Oh c’mon people. Be true to yourself. They think it’s easy to fabricate stories since most people in KHQ are kids, therefore they’re easy to fool. Even when they’re already caught, they still pursue since they want to look "cool" in front of everyone. Malas nalang ang matamaan kagaya ng nangyari doon sa KHQ

"Yeah. Most people there are kids, so I should tolerate them. They’re immature in their level" That ideal is stupid! Have you encountered "Teh Pienator." He, as Slash said, was already mature enough by the time he registered. His age was 10 back then.

I know some of you would ask. "Who is this guy anyway? He’s just been in KHQ since like January 2008. He’s a tactless bitch who doesn’t even know what he’s saying. What? He’s been hating me ever since I registered in KHQ."

I just hate people who act immaturely. That includes making yourself look like 1337 when you’re the opposite in everyone’s eyes.

As of the moment, KHQ’s still a dull forum despite the CODE K-LEB event. Last time it was alive was during the KHQ Awards. So? any Comments? Reactions? 

Just being truthful here.


One thought on “KHQ: A ONCE Blissful Forum

  1. Yes, it’s true. KHQ was so fun before, but now douche bags have started to invade the place. =n=;;
    Probably why I left… or maybe it was just because it was too peaceful back then that I got so bored. xD

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