This is totally shit. I mean, Recollections are supposed to be holistic and at the same time fun thus making it memorable. But in our case it was neither. GAHD. Our gadgets were all confiscated. I was like OMG?! It’s like our adviser even allowed us to bring those kinds of stuffs and that damn woman chaperone just confiscated them. She has no right! Thus, our real intentions of capturing every moment was disrupted, Grrrr.. Another thing, hinakot niya ang mga cellphones at pagkatapos, itinapon sa bag niya. HELLO?! Mas mahal pa gadgets namin kaysa sa mukha mo. Our cameras too. GAWD. Most of us weren’t already in the mood of taking pictures. Also, we weren’t allowed to have fun. WHAT IN THE WORLD DID WE DO? Sit down and feast in such borefests? GAHD!.

Yeah, she may consider herself "holy" but her attitude says otherwise. During our past recollections, we CERTAINLY DID NOT experience such shittiness. Maybe because that damn woman wasn’t there during our past recollections.

There’s another damn thing. We were just listening. No other group activities and bonding moment stuffs? I certainly hate this recollection. I didn’t feel its essence.

Another thing about this damn woman, she reprimanded us when we were having our prayer. It’s like. We’re having a prayer and you’re disturbing us. Hello? Go fix your fashion sense instead of making pakialam with our stuffs. Our adviser allowed us to bring these gadgets and do whatever we want as long as we stay civilized, and then you come barging in. Excuse me, CHAPERONE ka lang. Buti pa yung Chaperone namin dati. Okay lang sa kanya. Hindi kasi siya EPAL at PAKIALAMERA, unlike you.
I basically want another Recollection. When there are no KJ’s joining and just pure fun with something to learn. Last year was definitely better. This year’s recollection is AN EPIC FAIL

–Now, if someone calls/degrades me just because I published this hate post. This is a democratic country. I could do whatever I want since it’s completely ethical and no specific names were mentioned. You don’t control the Internet. The Internet is already out of your hands. This is my journal. My LIVEJOURNAL.


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