Yahoo Messenger:: GM’s

It annoys the hell out of me, and does it do the same to you too?

So there’s Yahoo Messenger. Used for Chatting/Conversing. YM oftentimes slows down our computer.  What if we open YM because we’re expecting some IMPORTANT news, but then, some guy sends a GM about some nonsensical topic that doesn’t even suit our interest. Yes, he may want to share it to everyone, but please when someone tells you to stop sending GMs to him then exclude him from your GM List. I believe there’s an option in YM in which you could create a NEW group.

It would be understandable if your GMs would be important like asking help for your assignments or those things that need answers right away, but those GMs who just say "ebning. c2t?" or those other subjects which doesn’t touch our tongue of interest. If you want someone to chat with you, just do it to them privately, please. If you want to talk out a certain subject for someone who seems to be interested, then just send them an IM in private. That way you would be able to converse freely without bothering your mates.

There’s the excuse of saying "It’s just like in texts. We continue sending GMs." Let me ask you. What do you do with your cellphone? Texting. What do you do with your computer? Playing, Researching, Doing IMPORTANT STUFFS.

 There’s also this case wherein we tell the person nicely to stop sending GMs. We get 1 out of 3 results. It’s either One, he stops sending GMs to you which of course happens VERY RARELY these days. Two, he says he’ll stop but after a few minutes, you’ll receive another GM from the same person. And Three, he’ll yap the hell out of you saying "Just close your YM. Don’t tell me what to do bitch! Just shut the fuck up." WOW. You’re the one who asked nicely then you get the foul words and those yapping. OMG. That is so immature. Are you even an educated being? If you were, you would be able to understand your fellow’s needs.

Not everyone gives a damn about your GMs. If I were you, I’d think twice about the person who you’re sending it.



6 thoughts on “Yahoo Messenger:: GM’s

  1. lol
    yeah that is so true :))
    i asked this girl nicely to stop because she sent GMs in Yahoo every 5 minutes or something. instead, she yelled, told me to just exit the window and stuff speaking all these obscenities and she called me a cow i got so pissed i blocked her. haha. *sigh* i wish i cut

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