The Wonderful Cellphone Services

HA! The magical load hits Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile! Finally, the government authorities have now known what it feels like.

I actually experienced this Magic Load case years ago when I was still a Smart User. It’s funny that after all these years that this has been happening, they just focused or faced the issue just now. I mean. Hello? Do you actually have to experience it before you face it? Don’t you government leaders listen to the Voice of the People and investigate the matter? Wow. Just Wow. But I won’t focus much on the Government officials’ idiocy. It’s common knowledge. Or maybe it’s because 2010 is coming and they’re eager to solve it in order for them to garner the public votes?. Either way, both are correct. :))

Well, the worst experience I had was when I was still a Smart subscriber. I loaded 100 pesos to my account. After 3 texts, the load suddenly went POOF! Gone in an instant! I asked my classmates about it, and as it turned out, they had the same problem. There really is no definite reason on as to why it happened. I asked my Yaya recently, who happens to be a Smart subscriber,  and she said that the same problem is still occurring. Want more proof? Juan Ponce Enrile experienced it and that is why the Senate is currently taking action on this.

Well, it’s not just the Disappearing Load. Though I have switched to Globe and considering that it’s not as crappy as Smart, there’re still some problems. There are these annoying alerts. Though I haven’t subscribed to these services (My SIM was bought at Globe Telecom!), they still continue giving me irritating alerts. There’s a message below saying that to if I want to stop receiving alerts, I just had to reply STOP. They gave me a confirmation message saying that the service was stopped. But after a few days, I received another "alert" from the same number I "unsubscribed" to.

Then there was this one time where I subscribed to a True Tone service. I eventually stopped the service by doing the instructions being sent to me by the same number. But what happened? As I reloaded my account, the service still continues to "eat" my load. Wow. Just wow.

Some SIMs they sell are even overpriced. I’m not referring to your local sari-sari store, but the branch itself. I bought one at Globe Telecom and it was 10 pesos more than the original price. Funny thing is, they have the poster there with the original price.

This is just so pathetic. These Network Companies claim that they "have nothing to do with these services." WOW. You really had to wash your hands. Mind if I give you anti-bacterial soap?


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