Hayden Kho Scandals = SHIT,

The news is filled with headlines regarding the Hayden Kho scandals. Srsly. Isn’t it annoying?

My apologies if this would be a harsh post, but I’m really what you consider "harsh" when it comes to ranting and everything shit. I’m just completely annoyed.

It’s all pure publicity. There have been hundreds of sex scandals released, but did they even go to the extent of reaching the headlines for nonstop days? NO. Everyone is making a small problem go big. SEX VIDEOS and PORNOGRAPHY have LONG EXISTED before those videos were even released. You’re only taking action now? How pathetic. If it wouldn’t reach the headlines, then that means you won’t take action on it? Gahd. It proves how attention wh0res you are. Also, What happened to the MORE VALUABLE news? You’re giving the priority  to that shitty sex video rather than those important news reports.

We all know the Hayden’s stupid for taking those videos without consent, but srsly you don’t have tp repeat that on every news report you tackle with regards to the issue. Also, the women are also at fault here. Though they are exposed, isn’t the man also exposed? It’s even more shameful on his part. He was given harsh labels and his face was constantly viewed by the public more than those women were in those videos.

Katrina. Mah Gawd Woman. Shut the hell up. You’re going for those Gabriela and those other kinds of shits. Why? Are you the only woman who was shot on a sex vid? How about the others? Weren’t they, too? You said, it was filmed 2 years ago. So what now? You want to release a current one? It’s not like you haven’t posed on Men’s Magazines countless times. >_>

Sen. Bong Revilla. Why the hell are you overreacting on this? Is it because of those rumored Rufa Mae connections? You’re making this a large issue. Though you helped people understand the word pervert, you’re going too far. You don’t have to publicize everything. You’re making it look like your campaigning for the upcoming elections and want to garner the "women" votes [or are you?]. Lay low please. Enough Publicity is enough. You’re only making things worse

Just when we thought that it’s slowly folding to an end, SNN says "The Plot Thickens." Irene Kho, mother of Hayden, is making statements. Wow. You just wasted minutes of TV Patrol. I know you’re just defending your son, but puh-lease. You’re also making things worse. Your first statement was "Hindi ako magcocomment diyan (I won’t make a comment about that)" then you babble about the events like their drug use and Lolit Solis being an accomplice, about everything being scripted. You wanna be a superstar mother like Dionisia? The hell with you woman. If you really have no comment, then you just shut up. That cross and those pledges. Damn you woman. You’re making things more complicated and shitty.

Then there goes ABS-CBN’s stupidity again. They didn’t show the whole video, but they did not remove the site where you could see the Hayden Kho videos. The site was shown on National Television for crying out loud!

They don’t want this to spread and make it a bigger issue. They want to stop the sex videos, but guess what? they’re doing the exact opposite. By creating such a big fuss in the media, it causes more people to search for it and the people who have the videos will continue to spread it. Wow. You guys are plain stupid.

This has to be stopped now. Stop all the media fuss. You don’t need MEDIA ATTENTION just to get this case solved now, do you? Get something news-worthy and stop this shit.


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