AI Season 8 Finale and some Season 8 Rants

SInce the Finale sucked and so does Season 8.

Well, Kris Allen won. Yay for the Allenation [which I’m not a part of]. For me, Adam Lambert deserved to win. No, it’s not because I’m another fantard of his. It’s just that Adam Lambert has been consistent all throughout the season. Kris hasn’t. Oh well. Your votes decided it and Kris won. Kris gets the privilege to sing Idol’s WORST winning song ever. Adam thinks "I’m not singing that crappy song again and I surely don’t want to be imprisoned under 19E" Well, time for some Supplemental rants of Season 8

1.) They had an unfair format of  the Top 36. It could have been better if they did Season 7’s format since we had more time to evaluate the Idols even more. Being grouped was an injustice. It’s a disadvantage to those underrated AWESOME contestants if they are grouped alongside mediocre overpimped singers. Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre anyone? We lost Jesse Langseth, Mishavonna and Nate Marshall, and FELICIA

2.) Top 5 only had one song to sing which pretty much sucked.

3.)  The judges’ save. Call me crazy, but it was used stupidly. They didn’t even save Alexis Grace who gave adecent performance of Jolene. What’s worse is she didn’t make it on tour and let that Soulful Redneck in.They didn’t give credit to her on the arrangement. Yes, female contestants don’t receive the commendation they get for rearranging the song. Allison’s Hot Stuff, Lil’s The Rose, etc.

4.) The annual Top 4 Great-contestant-leaves-us. Allison became a victim to this.

5.) The four-judge format. Seriously, Kara didn’t bring anything new. Did I mention she looked horrible and her body was like an old hag when she wore that bikini? She’s been dying to do that in front of Matt Giraud who she obviously has orgasms with. All Kara does is repeat what the other judges say. She wastes the time. She’s all about artistry. Oh shut up woman.

6.) The running-out-of-time thing of Idol. Blame it on Kara.

7.) Kris Allen winning American Idol. Though I like him as a singer, he doesn’t deserve it as much as Adam.

Season 8 comes second to Season 5 for being the Worst Season ever. 🙂


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