Maia Part 2. Because she is worth ranting. :p

Well, you do know this freaky girl from the previous post, roit? Guess what? She’s baaaack.

Oh yeah! She’s fuckin’ back. Spreading more havoc than ever. Now before we get to the RP Deatils. Let’s start with the events that occured before that which still concerns here

First of all, she made some sort of lame forum similar to Rawr HQ called PWNZ HQ. You might ask yourself. Why is it called PWNZ? First of all, their definition of PWNZ =  Being hated. So, apparently, it’s all like this. We Hate You. and Because we hate you, you’re PWNED. Hooray! You’re on our n00b list now because you were PWNED and you were PWNED because you were hated by us. Guess who’s number 1 on their n00b list. Yes, Truly yours. They apparently hate me for shutting them up.

Then they made a CHATBOX to gossip about our awesomeness. Wow. They must really love us. Then after we "invaded" that crapbox, Maia (the asshole) suddenly said "Get out of here. You clicked a wrong link." Now that is a lame message just to kick us out. Bang. Say it directly to our faces, asshole.

Didn’t I tell you she’s a COUGAR? Allow me to speak in Conyo, She made patol with a guy who’s younger than her. Yuck. Sugar Momma. That is so disgusting. YUCK. She also looks Disgusting. Strands of hair on your forehead are srsly not bangs.

Also, she made some lame forum similar to NC (Ninpocho Chronicles). Have you seen the banner? You MUST! It’s so EPIC!!!!!!1!1!!11oneone. It beats Leonardo Da Vinci’s Browless Mona Lisa! THIS IS  SO AWESOME!!! IT MUST TAKE YEARS TO DO THIS KIND OF ARTWORK!

See? I told you it was so awesome!

Her forums are full of fail anyway. Don’t you know? She copied the Application form there at KHQ. Also, her names come from the various RP forums she joined or are just Anime Character names being combined. Where has Originality gone? Well, the girl ain’t original. And besides, the members of her forum. Who would want to join? Oh yes. Her n00bish friends at KHQ. If you actually know them, then you could already imagine the confusions since each of them control Mary Sues and Gary Stus.

If I were you, I’d stay away from this girl. If you spot this girl on your forums lurking or spreading dirt, BAN HER RIGHT AWAY. She is a menace. She’ll extract your ideas and claim it as her own. Stay away from her. If you don’t want your life miserable, exterminate her once you hold sight of her.



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