The Go in Gokey has finally been Put.

FINALLY! We get to see a Kradam finale now that Danny Gokey of American Idol has been given the boot. The Wife pimping-ghoulish widower who has never landed in the Bottom 2/3 has finally died been kicked out.

So, I wanted this guy eliminated right after his audition. He’s been using the pity vote all season. Using his wife died before he auditioned just so people would pity him and give him their votes. He’s not that versatile and he certainly is not a good singer. However, the judges still say he is vocally impressive and he’s really really good. I was like. WTF. He dances desperately. The judges. I would rant about them some other time. With all those pimping, I could already think that the Ghastly Widower would reach the finals.

But on May 14, 2009: 9:53 A.M. (GMT+8) The Impossible Dream happened! Danny Gokey was sent home leaving us a Kris Allen/Adam Lambert finale. Miraculously, America got smarter and decided to kick Gokey out. I guess Jamar Rogers won’t die after all.

VTR was shown. OHMYGOD! They pimped his wife again. The intro was a picture of him and his wife. More wife talk. Gokey Takes the Boot. The last pimp hurts the most and it certainly is not Beautiful and not to be considered as a Pretty Young Thing since it’s getting old and no one would stand right by him for the Wife and his Endless Love was not so Endless at all maybe because he was cheating her and he was caught dating Jamar Rogers all along last September and Gokeytards would certainly Dream on for some Gokey record; Come Rain or Come Shine just Get Ready for some Kradam action.


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