Allison Iraheta’s Elimination.

I guess everyone in the whole world knows I’m an Allison Iraheta fan, and her elimination is just too emotional for me not to blog about it.

Okay, so there was a part of me expecting she’d go home. But srsly. I was expecting Danny Gokey or Kris Allen to go home. Why does it have to be her? Once again, America proves everyone that it hates talent.

Once Kris Allen was asked to sit, I kenw at the back of my mind that they’ll boot Allison.

They let a widower who can’t hit a note in instead of a rocker chick who has raw natural talent.
They pimped a widower and even gave him an A++ for Vaiant effort and bashed some girl who was way better than the widower. *sigh*
Allison Iraheta was robbed. i tell ye! ROBBED.

At least she was able to escape the clutches of 19E. Having Daughtry is a breath of fresh air. Allison will surely have the same fate with Daughtry. She, of course, is  the person who will surely have a record deal and sell millions of records. Being compared to Kelly Clarkson and Pink, she is a force to be reckoned with.
Now that she’s gone, we’ll all be expecting a Danny vs. Adam finale.

The judges were unfair to her. Srsly. She was not given the credit that she truly deserved. I now believe Idol is friggin’ RIGGED.

I’ll be looking forward to Allison’s future and surely buy her album.


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