Jeff_13 part 2

This guy is not only a fag, but a stalker.

Me? Your stalker? Napakafeeling mo naman! Ano akala mo sa sarili mo? Ang ganda ganda mo na? na parang si Hayden Panettiere ka na? Hoy Bakla! Wala akong sinusundan na feeling babae.

I seriously did not create my plurk after you created yours. ANG FEELER MO! Ask Polla! She knows she urged me to join Plurk! How pathetic must you be. Gusto mo ipalabas ko LAHAT ng kabaklaan mo dito? Gusto mo ikalat ko yung KABAKLAAN mo sa PKMN-PH? Gusto mo ikalat ko ang KABADINGAN mo sa KHQ? At a snap of a finger, I can do that

You’re the one who’s stalking me. Who’s viewing my plurk ? With the wink smiley? YOU. I have an archive of your conference. :P. When you’re going to backstab me, make sure that I have no process of learning it. I know EVERYTHING. Just face me you BITCHFAG!

Did I mention that he’s a feeler for saying that he resides in Switzerland? Also, he imitated lots of members by putting his name in Japanese which he had done wrongly. His failure in "Japanese Literature".

Have you even seen the friendster account of this faggot? You haven’t?! Shame on you. You’ll find lots of homosexuality there. He has an album SOLELY dedicated to the Jonas Brothers. Awww. He even loves looking at Zac Efron’s body. Yes, he masturbates while watching Zac Efron shirtless.

Remember, it is not only I who hate you, but everyone. 😛


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