Maia/Sasori the Pupeteer’s living under her own Spotlight.

We are really talking about this horrible RPer who thinks she’s not an attention wh0re and n00b.

Well, you do know this girl who thinks she’s a legendary RPer which is really the exact opposite. Try to see her RP posts. It’s so Mary Sue~ish. You may ask why? Because she’s an attention wh0re who wants to be treated like she’s some rich brat who gets everything she wants. No wonder that xyronred (one on one) RP was made. You two are the only ones who could get along with your Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters. It’s not that it’s a one-on-one RP. It’s just that no one would really want to RP with you.

She basically ruins every RP thread she joins. She even made fun of an RP Legend. She complains because the RP Moderators/Legends are "ganging" up on her. Who wouldn’t gang at you with your AMATEURISH posts? Take note: You RUIN every RP Thread you join. Well, for your RPs, they’re as good as crap.

Have you seen her graphics? Please don’t. I advise you. If Curiosity killed the cat just by viewing Maia’s graphics, then might as well don’t be curious about her graphics.

Did I mention that she’s a FAKE Twilight hater? She basically babbles and babbles every single shallow reason why she hates Twilight. Oh puh-lease Shut up. You’re just basically repeating every word we’re saying and make some suckish graphic out of the trend.

She’s a self-confessed EMO. Awww.. Emo Bitch wants to slit her wrist. Die in the process please.

Plus, this bitch is so low. She wants everyone to call PLIP* and provoke her so that descythed and the guys would FLAME PLIP* to death. My Gawd. Are you some sort of Leader of KHQ who commands every single member to do this and that? How pathetic. Who would ever follow that kiddish command? And deleting that post? That lowered your level to 5000 more levels.

Recently, she published stories called the Midnight Collection. Fortunately, she failed once again. Why? Because a new member just revealed that she PLAGIARIZED those stories. She just edited it, but the title and the concept and the situations are VERY VERY VERY similar, or should I say, EXACTLY the same. Shame on you Maia. How unfortunate must you be to fail in all your expeditions.

You’re really no different from any other n00b. Don’t differentiate yourself. Don’t think you’re a decent member. Don’t think you’re elite. You’re just a pathetic member who has nothing to do, but just go back to TG. We don’t need any spoiled brats. You’re living at your own fantasy. You’re just living under your own spotlight with no one watching.

*PLIP – Pretty Lame In Pink. Originally, It’s Pretty In Pink (an entertaining n00b at KHQ), but some unfunny and trying hard KHQer called it PLIP because she thinks it’s so funny. The only people who’d find it funny and catchy would be those n00bs you go with. 


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