Benefactor: Hacker or FRAUD?

 I pity the kids who’re victimized by this relentless fraud. You really  believe this fake?

Do you guys believe in this fraud’s hacking skills? As if he has one. He’s a FRAUD

Do you really think he has all those connections from all over the world? Heck, he only copy pasted all those techniques from a website/blog. How pitiful.  He’s a trying hard fatass fraud.

Everyone says he looks like Sweeney Todd? Oh gawd. Wear some eyeglasses please. 

Compare   and this one

Ang layo noh?

Sweeney Todd =/= Benefactor

Sweeney Todd >^9000> Benefactor

Plus, his Supremacy series. It punched Literature to the hall of fame. I mean, srsly. It was a wannabe~ish work full of crap. Funny wasn’t even there.

His unfunny but disturbing jokes are so annoying that it makes him so desperate to be called "funny." Can you believe this guy?

This man is a FRAUD  .

He even uses "Google" so there would be an answer to your tech problems.

Do not believe this man

The Bene-hack-tor is actually a Bene-fuck-tor.

HE IS A FRAUD. A fake.


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