The AWESOME FAG!! Jeff_13

Yes, people from KHQ, PKMN-PH and TG know about this assfag who’s as annoying as hell.

Basically, he’s known as jeff_13 of KHQ.. pkmn_jeff on PKMN-PH.. and fire_trainer on TG..

Y’know what? He’s a good for nothing plagiarist who thinks he’s smart, but he can’t construct a single sentence correctly. When I said fag, I meant a REAL fag. Not just a term describing a shitty person, but a FAG as in GAY.

After he learned about me knowing his "dirty little secret", he blocked me at his Plurk account. How gay was that? I really don’t care about his Plurk, but srsly that was soooo gay. If you want to know more about his gayness, you must read more!

He has a HUUUUUUGE crush on Joe Jonas. It’s like OMG!!! I SO LOVE HIM THAT HE’S ALWAYS AT MY SIGNATURE <3333. Oh god. Then he’s a HUUUGE Twitard fan that he wants to lick Edward Cullen’s sparkling body or is planning to stalk Robert Pattinson. Did I forget to tell you that he wears WHITE dresses? Lumadlad ka na, darling. Tatanggapin ka ng mga kasisterhood mo.

When beneziah, a member of Pkmn-PH, made his name in Japanese, the assfag followed. Talk about originality. He’s 14, and he doesn’t even act one.

He likes to correct people with his wrong corrections. Can’t you get any smarter? I wonder what kind of brain he has

Basically, I’m not homophobic. I just despise this fag.



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