American Idol Season 8

Yes, I am totally addicted to the series.

Well, I’m gonna make some reviews with regards to the show and the results. I’m not gonna start with the Top 36 since I’m too lazy to do it and the show’s pretty far by now. I just used the Time Machine to update this. Jeez. Well, obviously, I already have my favorites and hates. I also have something to rant about the show this season.


OH GAWD. The Top 36 format was by far ridiculous. It didn’t allow us to view the contestants even more.  They were differentiated into 3 groups which was very unfair. Last year’s format was much more appreciable. If David Cook’s batch had this format, he wouldn’t survive. They should have retained last year’s format. Differentiating them like this didn’t allow us to evaluate them more. It made us lose MANY great contestants in the Top 36 like Ricky Braddy, Arianna Afsar, Stevie Wright, Mishavonna Henson, Felciia Barton, Matt Breitzke, Nathaniel Marshall, Tatiana del Toro, Kendall Beard and the like. Wild Card didn’t even help. >,>

No Idol Gives Back?! That’s just plain wrong. It’s one of the highlights of the show.  They’re suddenly removing it because of the crisis. Okay. I would like Nigel Lythgoe back, and kick Ken Warwick out. Srsly. The ratings are down compared to last year, and it’s like borefest every week if not for Adam and Allison.

Oh well. It seems they ran out of themes. XD

Gonna feature Idol every now and then. 🙂

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