Asian Festival Pt. 2

Now for the rants.

Basically, this isn’t much.  It centers on the happenings on that Cultural Contest. Though, I was happy that we got placed instead of nothing at all, but puh-lease. 3rd isn’t enough. The Cultural Show was full of boredom. Our presentation was the one that made the audience hype up once again, and we only get a 3rd for that?! LOLWUT?!  I can’t believe that the main reason is that it’s not a dance. Srsly. The information being divulged to the public was "Cultural Presentation" not "Cultural Dance." Then some official has another reason saying that if we review the minutes of the meeting, it was agreed that it should be a Cultural Dance. What?! It’s your meeting. Your meetings are on secret, and we’re clueless about it since it’s your meeting, and you didn’t even tell it to us. Gawd.

Then I was also disappointed. Some friggin’ seniors did the most hideous thing. They ruined the "Taste of India" and some of the things in our classroom. They licked the food, condensada, etc. They ruined the candles and some things of our classroom. Despicable, I must say.

Then tomorrow comes and we have classes. Isn’t it unfair? After being exhausted from that event, we still get to have classes the day after. Hello?! Knock Knock on Rest Day. If that ever rings a bell. >,>

So it wasn’t that lengthy. Maybe because it was months ago and I just used the LJ time machine to transport me. 🙂


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