Asian Festival Part 1.

Confessions of the Asian Festival. This is Part 1. The Good Parts of it.

Everything moved in perfectly. Though there were several mistakes but those rants would totally be on another entry.

We won 1st Prize at the Classroom Setup Award. Isn’t that great? Everything was hilarious at our classroom. Some even said that our classroom was the best without prior knowledge about the results. We didn’t really regret that we had India as our country. I was there with a brown and gold costume. LOL. As the tour guide, I really became thirsty and all due to those explanations and repetitions. But hey, it was all worth it. I just hope it was worth for a Good English Speaker Award (Yep, still dreamin’ on). My friends and I got the award. Yeah, we had thick faces and thick livers.  We ran towards the stage like ignorant people like the contestants on Wowowee and etc. We also got the 3rd prize for the Powerpoint Presentation, Most Punctual in Parade,. We, still, were the ones getting the awards. We Got 4th in Taste of Asia, but we (my friends and I) didn’t get it since we were kinda disappointed about not judging it by the taste. Thus, the irony of the title of category. But that’s not the real rant. People were even laughing when we got the awards. It’s like we were very different. The different sections had only one person to accept the award. Ours, many.

It was really a fun day. I thought it should extend. 🙂


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