Seriously, the ed tour was no fun. AT ALL.

We were the earliest group to arrive. That sucks. Seriously, we had ALL THE TIME in the world. But no, we just had to go back to school and it was like 3:40 PM! GAWD! Even though some of the destinations were inserted, it still could not suffice our needs. My SS teacher said that this was the day for relaxation and fun. Not for some teacher to scold and scold. Deep inside, i was in chagrin. The only things that kept me from releasing that rage were the funny pictures, the music on my MP3 Player, my book, my cellphone and some food. The other destinations were boring. My friends and I did pictorials. That ought to keep the boredom away.

Happy Birthday to one of my friends again! Your load? Just forget about it. It was a complicated issue. So all is equal and no guy overlaps the other. XDD



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