AIDS… Will there be a shining light?

Facing reality saddens me. 

It really saddens me that AIDS is still out there and ripping the hearts of many people. Are we back to the time when cholera was still incurable? Will it take us many years to find out its cure? Cholera now is easily treatable. I hope so when the HIV/AIDS treatment will be discovered. I believe that HIV/AIDS has been caused by the world’s modernization and its experiments. Of course, there is the trial and error, but this has gone way too far. Although somebody is at fault for this, we have nothing to do since it is all part of modernization. It has been discovered that there are many people infected with this incurable disease. Which leads us to the title. Will there be a shining light to HIV/AIDS -infected persons?

But I still believe that hope is coming near. However, if the treatment for this is DISCOVERED. Who can afford this? Knowing mankind, I believe only a countful can afford the cure. Man has become hungry for money, prominence, fame, and the like. I do hope that the person[s] will not be greedy, and thus share it to the world. Knowing its demand to the masses, I believe that it ought to be with people on affordable prices, and not be on a price which is unreachable to the common people. You may say  "What about the discoverer’s effort and his major contribution to the world?". I believe that the answer is not a superiorly large amount of money, but prominence and fame is enough. Knowing the world also, I’m sure that many will give him a large sum of money for his GREAT contribution.

I still believe that there will be a shining light with regards to the cure of HIV/AIDS. I, myself, am concerned for those people who are in despair with this. I do hope a man with a golden heart discovers this cure. 


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