Damn Monkey

The Monkey Knows Who He Is

You know who you are so might as well spill this out.

There was once this monkey who was so full of himself.  He made all the animals in the jungle believe in his lies. Hi fibbed himself in his stories. He once claimed that he was the boyfriend of the princess of the forest. He also claimed that he outsmarted the most cunning fox.  Everyone knew that these were all lies. After years of endurance, the old wolf could not stand the monkey’s yapping.

As the monkey was telling another thing of his stories, the old wolf said. "If you are as what you claim to be, then I challenge you to kill that man over there."  The wolf pointed to the hunter. The monkey, knowing what a coward he is, could not refuse. From all his lies, it’s more foolish to back out. The monkey dared. He dumbly sprung out and tried to land on the man. The hunter then grabbed his knife and stabbed the monkey. The monkey had a deep wound and rushed to his peers. The other animals wouldn’t help him. The monkey then made up an excuse, but the other animals were not that stupid to believe in another lie. The monkey was then left there all alone embracing the pain. Even with his regrets and repentance, no one would ever believe in him. Until now, the monkey is still suffering from the deep wound that would barely heal.


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